It’s been a little over a year since I moved to Amsterdam. I quickly fell in the love with the cities charm and quietness. For the past year and 1 month it’s been a quiet, peaceful place of refuge for me. I’m not working in Amsterdam, so when I’m home I am really getting the chance to enjoy the city. I will move back to Paris in the Fall, and I am often getting so many requests of great places and things to do so I decided to write a little about my life in Amsterdam to share with you! I haven’t written my book yet, but I have gotten to do a lot of writing while I have been here. My next dream is returning to a nice flat here in my 40’s when I am ready to write my novel.


Whenever I am working in other cities and traveling a lot life can be pretty fast paced. I’m taking public transportation, hopping around with a lot of stuff, sleeping over at friends places normally on a couch, and jumping from meeting to meeting/job to job/shoot to shoot. I try to jam pack my days to get the most out of the time I am in town professionally. I rarely get to just chill unless I am seeing my boyfriend for a date night. So when I return to Amsterdam it’s a chance for me to clean, unpack my stuff and take a breathe. I normally spend the first days home or the weekend watching netflix, cooking and taking naps on the couch. After that I unpack my suitcases, clean the house a bit, try to squeeze in a workout and meditation then get to work on my invoices and blog work.


Like I was saying in my last post about why I moved to Amsterdam temporarily, my past year here has helped me so much in the area of personal growth. I started doing more meditation, prayers, and reiki here which really helped me with my overactive anxiety. Don’t get me wrong, I still have problems and sad to hard days but now I am able to think about things with more of a cause and effect process, and I deal with problems the best way I can knowing what remains is “what is for me, is for me.” That’s the way the universe and G-d works. I’m almost convinced that all things happen for a reason. When it all gets to be too much, having some alone time at home resting really saves me. Everything is near to my house. My favorite places to eat and shop, the market, etc. And I love my flat. It’s like a palace to me. So spending time here has become my refuge even if I am only here two weeks out of the month.


I try to be as honest as possible in my experiences. When I came to Amsterdam I thought it might be just as easy to tap into the market and scene here as it was for me in Paris. To be honest it wasn’t. The market is much smaller and while there are some really cool people doing really cool things here the work ethic is different and very closed. I love the DJ/Music scene that Amsterdam has, but as far as fashion and blogging it’s really hard to get in as an outsider. Like french people dutch people can be quite judgmental and aggressive about that.

OFCOURSE, I’m about to put you guys on. Eating is so important so I have learned about all the “spots” in amsterdam. I love to eat and when I am in Amsterdam it’s comfort food and resting time. Here are my favorite spots.

@gsareallyniceplace- G’s– chicken & waffles. drake & future. bloody mary’s.

warung mini- bomb cheap suriname food. try the saoto soup, baka bana, banana chips,
and kip fillet roti.

coffee company- way better than starbucks.

trust-if you’re having a bad day, go feel good. trust me.


A huge part of living in Amsterdam to me has become wellness and mindfulness. I started working on my insides and I couldn’t be more proud of that. Here are some things that worked for me. Remember working on yourself is always a work in progress, and sometimes we lose the fight but have to be confident about starting back again.

– House of Awareness, Amsterdam. (Find them on Facebook or IG)

Equal Yoga- Try one week for 7.50. It’s like hot yoga, but less hot, only one hour, with great music and a new studio.

De Roos- Spiritual Center and Store. You can meditate there or find some crystals.

Horticus Botanical- Just a good place to go chill out and see plants.

Wildernis– An amazing plant shop, you can also have a coffee or a tea.

photos: patrick kenawy @knwy
clothing: @marblesvintage, amsterdam

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