A Polaroid Story

As many of you may know, I am a avid Polaroid photographer. I have been taking polaroids for about 7 years now as a hobby. It started out just at friends and family things, and as I grew older and started to travel more, and work more as a model. My eye for photography got better and I began to photograph my friends, things, and people I found beautiful or interesting from the inside out. What I have always loved about Polaroids, besides them being instant, is that you can catch a single moment in one flash. Modeling for a living, you take millions and millions of photos and most of them are duds.

There is something very magical about taking one photo in a moment and having it come out right. You can hold it with you and it’s a memory take with you. You can see what I capture under the ‘Polaroids’ tab. There will be many more to come soon. Recently, I ran across a very amazing ballsy lady named Elisabeth Ouni. She is the brain behind blog, A Polaroid Story. I found her videos and story very inspiring, so I asked her a few questions about how her blog came to be.

Elisabeth has traveled all over, spent her own money (because anyone who takes Polaroids knows it is not a cheap hobby), and pushed the limits to have access to some of our favorite artists (I recognized a few friends in her collection). Her motto “No balls, no glory” shows that this strong woman does not take “no” for an answer. She has also documented her journey in short films following the artists she has photographed. Here’s one of my favorites featuring Wiz Khalifa.


Name, Profession and Passion: My name is Elisabeth Ouni, but people tend to call me OUNI. I’m from Belgium. My job is in Digital PR and Communication, (I’m independent) with a specialty in Content Creation, push and spread, mainly for fashion, music and lifestyle brands. My genuine passion lays in telling stories, whether it’s with words, pictures or video.

What are some of your interests and hobbies? Music ofcourse. I’m a selector for 22tracks Brussels. I love fashion, but I don’t take it that serious. I love making videos and another passion of mine is acting. If I can make stuff and work/collab with other creative people, no matter what basically, I’m a very happy girl. Because of A Polaroid Story, people and brands ask me to DJ sometimes, which I love doing, although I see myself more as a selector than a real DJ. I used to model a lot, so sometimes you can still find me in front of the camera, although I prefer to be behind nowadays.


How long have you been taking polaroids? For 5 years now.

What do you love about polaroids? The fact that it’s instant. You can’t really orchestrate it. It’s genuine and honest. It is what it is. It needs a certain proximity. Plus, people always look good on Polaroid.



How many celebrities have you photographed via one shot polaroids? I’m currently archiving my entire ‘Polaroid vault’ because I’m planning an expo tour in 2015 in 3 cities in Europe (with a stop in Paris!) so I would honestly not know untill that is done. But I do think it’s somewhere between 50 and 100. asaprockysharp


Tell us how your polaroids story with pharell came to be? I can’t really tell you the whole story, it’s the main concept of the blog! With every Polaroid I publish, there is a story attached to it, where I explain to my readers from A to Z how it was possible for me to take the Polaroid. Pharrell was the very first Polaroid I took for ‘A Polaroid Story’ but because I wasn’t happy with the result, I tried a few times again, it took me some years to see him again and my last Polaroid from Pharrell turned out to be harder than expected. But if you really want to know how I took all those Polaroids, you just have to read it. Since a year I started doing more and more additional video stories if the situation/artist allows me so. It’s something I look forward to grow in. Tell genuine, non sensational video stories.


Where can we see your work? You can see my work over at www.apolaroidstory.com and you can catch up on my additional APS video stories via my Youtube Channel. If you want to follow more of my life and what I do beside #apolaroidstory you can follow me on Instagram, look for @ouninana!


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