So I recently had the chance to try two beauty treatments I have to honest and say I never thought I’d try! Lash extensions (way too fussy for a tom girl) and laser hair removal (best choice of my life). So I thought I’d share my experience here openly and honestly with you!

So this is me taped up getting ready for my eyelash extensions. Stephanie took great care of me, she spent about an hour and 15 minutes on my lashes. Basically it feels like little tiny individuals being put in. I only use individuals anyways for shoots most of the time so this was very appealing to me. After she was done I felt girly-er, and flirty-er and I couldn’t wait to see my boyfriend. I could finally have more attitude without actually borrowing from mine which is on pause right now!

Before my eyelash extension treatment, I did my first ever laser hair removal treatment. I was told to shave 24 hours prior to my appt and to not use deodorant or lotions prior to my appt. I have seen california girls do this many times and promote this and I have to tell you I was skeptical…

Stephanie used an ultrasound like gel material on my underarms and legs before doing the laser process. It’s a really fast process and it stings a little like having a rubberband snapped on your arm at the end. It’s also a little warm. It went by really quick however.

2 weeks later, I have NO hair under my arms or legs after the treatment. I just shave once a week and everything is smooth! I am so eager to keep up with this and try the treatment everywhere on my body, lol. To reach amazing and lasting results you must have the treatment once every 6-8 weeks as needed for up to 8 treatments.

You can find out more about all of these treatments at:

Universal Beauty

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