unnamed-12This is a little emotional for me to write, but I am proud so I am going to write it anyways. Three weekends ago I ran my first race. After training for about 6 weeks with some of the coolest girls I know, I still wasn’t sure of how well I would do on the day of the race. Here’s how it went and some of the things I learned.

While I have always been really athletic, over the past year I have discovered the benefits that exercise also has for the mind. I suffer from anxiety, and insomnia. Over my six weeks of training I learned that I could do a lot things that I felt were impossible. I can’t explain the impact that this has had on my personal life, my heart, and mind. Especially as a woman, nearing her 30th birthday. I still have so many fitness goals, but this moment was more for the mind and spirit than it ever was for my physique. For the first time in a long time I can actually say I sleep the whole night through!!

I have often expressed how difficult it is sometimes for me being a stranger in france. Although in my eyes, I have an amazing, blessed life and have found where I fit in quite quickly there are times I feel terribly alone and just lost especially due to my language barrier. Something I am always looking to work on.



I was shy in the beginning but I walked into a group of amazingly strong women, with different personalities and drives. But we all had a few things in common, that we later learned about. We all possess a positive outlook on life, and impeccible standards when it comes to judge of character (something that it very important to me when I am making friends).

I learned these things shortly after having a comradery of sorts during our work outs and trainings. We had the most encouraging trainers as well but to support eachother was a different kind of push. A lot of people make excuses about their fitness lives due to their “busy” schedules or being “tired”. I used to do the same. But I can tell you first hand. I am very busy and VERY tired. It’s a choice I make. And I have the feeling my teammates were always in the same boat as me. We missed trainings when we really couldn’t help it… but for the most part we were together in this.

There were many days during training I thought I was attempting an impossible fete. Especially during the last week. It was about 93 degrees and we were running our last practice run around 2:30pm and I could barely finish 6k because it was so hot. I thought to myself that if the race day was like this there was so way!!

So we had a healthy picnic dinner with all the girls the night before made by one of the girls Alix who is a chef and went home for a good nights rest. I honestly could not sleep because I was too nervous and excited.

So it was finally race day and for me this day was so important. It was my first race and my chance to really do something I never thought I could do, and just a month before my 30th birthday. So I didn’t know how I was going to do, but I knew I had to do my best. I was also quite sad because my running partner that ran my pace had called out of the race last minute for a job. We really motivated eachother so I was afraid without her I would feel lost in this sea of women.

If you have never ran a race before I can tell you the day of is quite overwhelming. There were close to 10,000 girls running everywhere at different paces, sweaty and frantic. This for me is crazy! But back to my story. We arrived at 8am and joined eachother full of positivity and love (I really love these girls for this because I don’t feel this kind of energy from all of my girlfriends) and we just waited for the race to start….

I really didn’t wanna run alone so I decided to stay with my friend who had the same pace as me, but was running the 15k. We’d stay together til I reached the 10 mark and split off. Something about the energy and adrenaline of feeling all the girls around you is crazy. Maybe it was the food we ate the night before or maybe it was the rush of doing this but I had very good energy starting out. It wasn’t too hot and the first 5 went by really fast. We had breaks for water quickly too but it was a stop and go go go kind of thing.

At this point I wasn’t really thinking so much about my time til I got near the 7 or 8k mark. My friend was afraid she couldn’t do the 15 and I was still feeling pretty good and able to speak to her clearly while breathing so I did something I never thought in my life I would do. I told her if I was still okay for the 9k mark I would run 15 with her. There was something I really liked about running with someone I like and trusted and it really was our day- so why not go all the way?


together we did it.



We went all the way and I felt so proud. I also felt high. Like I wanted to cry or I wanted to scream… but I couldn’t really process what I had just done and my body was really tired so I decided to just go about the day instead of putting too much focus on how bizarre the whole experience was.

I will never ever ever forget this day and I am actually very excited to run my next race.

Merci Nike Women and everybody at Nike France for making this possible and all of your continued support and positive energy. Also GROS merci to our trainers at infiment sport.

Also to my girls —- Mags, Alice, Natasha, Alix, Vanessa, Nailia and Sabrina (next time you’re with us!) You guys are really, really amazing girls and have shown me so much in such a short time about women supporting eachother. I am so glad to meet you and have you guys in my life. Bisssssssss

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