So obviously my play on words has nothing to do with anything besides for WHERE IS THE ALBUM, FRANK? I was blown away at the response of my last article and vent session. So many amazing girls from all over the world reached out to me to tell me they felt my words. I even had a few of my male peers tell me their thoughts (mehhhhhh). This week was weird so I have fire fingers again. After everything I wrote about I feel like I re-learned some lessons and discovered some new things.

I have been known to write about “energy” a lot and vibes and yeah you know all that hippie stuff that most people don’t understand or tend to mock. But lately it’s been ruling my life and it’s been a great form of therapy for me. Last month I turned 31 on the night of the new moon. So I decided to really take advantage of that as I was born during a full moon period and it was an excellent moment for me to really meditate on my future and what I want. When I share my little energy and holistic rituals with some of my close friends, sometimes people have to really sit and ask themselves — “Wait, what is it that I really want?” Sometimes we don’t know. Sometimes we THINK we know and we are asking the universe for all the wrong things.

I don’t like to share very many personal details in my writing, but let’s just say that lately I have been manifesting a lot of things and working on my skills of asking the universe (and G-d) for the things that I need and strive for, as well as the obvious- health, light, protection of my family, success to share and help others. Life is pretty simple and if you know how to think positively you can see great changes instantly in your life even if they do not come overnight. The thing I love about meditating and manifesting is that you can ask for anything you want, and then over time come to realize you didn’t want some of things anymore or they weren’t meant for you and then you can release those things. I’ve been really noticing that the things not meant for me would not work out, but then something magical happens in these moments… things you weren’t checking for, or trying to control suddenly appear and work out. It’s like your heart and wishes are always known by the universe if you work on it.

Which takes me to my next point, I am LEARNING how to meditate. Often like in regular moments throughout the day my mind wanders…during my meditation. I could think about anything from how yummy a boy that I likes lips are or how badly I want saoto soup and chicken sate or how good that peanut sauce tastes. Then I come back to my meditation and the things I am manifesting. That’s okay! It’s a moment to practice being focused. My main point of writing this is a conclusion that I came to over the past few days after speaking with a friend. As humans we are ALWAYS trying to control our lives. Even when manifesting. Sometimes though, life just happens and you need to be open and free.

Think about some of your happiest moments and how you got there. Were you surprised? Did you expect them? When I think of some of mine, I’d say I didn’t plan them. It’s great to plan, we need to, but it’s even better to be open and accept all the amazing things that you can have in your life. When I am working on my monthly goals and aspirations during my prayers and meditation I always say this before-

“I accept these things into my life now, or something better for my highest good and for the highest good of all concerned.”

This keeps you safe and protects you from things that are not for you or things that can harm you, waste your time, bring you heartache or even affect the ones you love. In this day and age within our society we are taught and told that therapists, medication, drugs and extreme religion can save us from life. Getting to know and be okay with yourself is the biggest job you will ever have. It takes time to learn who you are and what you want and it takes work. I love these methods because they are positive ways to get to great places and spread good vibes to people around you. I have felt and seen the change within my own life. Not everyday is great or perfect, but I am so happy with the changes.

Happy Manifesting! <3

photos: Patrick Kenawy
styling: Aurielle Sayeh
crew neck: Olaf Hussein fromBig in Japan Store
shorts: @fshnbnkr
shoes: nike

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