I have been so insanely busy as of late with all of my work that I stopped shooting for a while. I am the kind of person who needs rests periodically to recharge myself creatively… and sometimes like most artists when I do not feel inspired I cannot be creative. She is the light will be going under construction the next month… I am excited to announce we will have new exciting features and a lot of new editorials coming!


Mathieu and I met a little over a year ago when I was hanging out at Starcow. Like me, he is juggling many different dreams and career paths so we didn’t have the time to manage shooting together but we always crossed paths at events. We finally shot last week and it was effortless and easy and I really love love love the images and working with him.

Summers in Paris can be a quite interesting time. For me the past two years it has been a time of reflection. Everyone is leaving going on holidays and there are less things to do, so you really have to be okay spending time with yourself. Being american we don’t place so much distinct on having to take a holiday, it isn’t really a luxury most people have so you have to be okay with working year round and keeping up with that. The only people that take vacations are the ones who can afford it.

I like the way french feel that taking a break is necessary although it can be quite frustrating to business ventures because everything is starting to run quite slow. I feel it is so important to discover new things not only in new places but right where you are at as well. I find myself watching the tourists in Paris american and all other kinds… and I don’t really remember feeling that way myself. I kind of instantly just belonged to Paris, like it was home. I have yet to see all the museums or attractions because for me everything that I felt being here kind of trumped all of that. I find pleasure in the small things here and that’s kind of how my heart told me it was where I belonged.



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you can view Mathieu’s (@nbpnbp) work here or catch him on high snobiety

glasses: supreme
bra: american apparel
top: les geometries
sneakers: nike af1
mua: @hannahnathalie

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