I finally had the chance to get to New York along the first half of my travels and head over to Chill House , a new spot for relaxing created by my friend Cyndi Ramirez. I met Cyndi about 4 years ago when I had just started my blogging adventure and had just moved to Paris. Cyndi, a yoga and skincare aficionado like myself is a blogger and entrepreneur. I feel like in this day and age, there is so much competition and watching our neighbor (or sisters) in envy. Social media is a tricky game, and also has it’s ups and downs. Even for myself, someone who stays online and posting – I have moments of distaste for the whole thing. So in my mood, I found it only fitting to support someone I see grinding and making her dreams come true boldly, loud, but all through grace and silence.

Chillhouse, a club house for those who like to be pampered is a quiet little spot to get away located in one of my favorite areas in NYC of Soho & Essex. When you first walk in you’re opened up to an aesthetically pleasing cafe with really cool drink options. I tried the “Chill Me Out” with Lavender flakes before having my nails done and catching my flight. I want to try the tumeric golden latte next!

With vibey, cool music playing in the background you check-in for your services, grab a drink and just chill until it’s time for you to come into your appt. Chillhouse offers options of a curated nail appointment with talented nail artists specializing in nail art, and massages. I only had time for a nail appointment this time so I grabbed my drink and waited for my appointment to begin.

I sat down with Kesang , my artist for the day who happened to be a Jordan lover like me, and was wearing my favorite pair – the chicago ones. We got along quickly and she showed me the book of curated designs that chillhouse offers. Being over the top, I chose to do a Bape France inspired Camo look because I missed the opening of the store in Paris. She was excited for the challenge and together we curated a really cute gel look.

I was in and out in a little over an hour and between the tunes, my calming warm drink and Kesang’s sweet demeanor I left feeling really- well- chill. I totally recommend popping by with friends, or even some alone time. I can’t wait to get a massage when I’m back in NYC!

You can check out Chillhouse and their services below:

They also offer member package deals with lots of goodies.

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