A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to try out colette’s new summer speedo swim club at the beautiful molitor. A little swim history on me: I am pretty much afraid of water. I swim, I bob, I jig… but come too close or ask me to go underwater and I will bite you.


When I was a kid about 6 years old, my little brother pushed me in the pool without my floaties and I almost drowned… I have never quite gotten over my fear even though I in fact DO know how to swim. This day we gathered with friends of Colette and learned different swimming techniques in a fun but serious atmosphere. Our Speedo Swim Coach did a very good job at explaining the right techniques.

Like in any sports SOME OF US (not me-haha) were more skilled than others. It is my dream and goal one day to go to Bali or Corsica and Paddle board on a surfboard so for me it is important to get over my fear of the water and to become a stronger swimmer. There’s something really cool about (slowly) pushing yourself past your uncomfortable fears. All in all it was a really fun day and a good workout!



Colette Speedo Swim Club starts tomorrow Aug. 6! You can also get the cool Speedo swimsuit at Colette for 42E! Check out for details about Swim CLub! See you there!

photos by @sandrinesandrinette via Colette

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