I’ve just gotten back from another week of travels. I spent 4 days in Copenhagen and 3 days in Berlin. I had never been to Copenhagen (it was on my list as I have many danish friends), and it was def one of my most favorite trips in a while. The city was beautiful just like Amsterdam and the mechanics of the city running quite the same. I did romantic things like visiting my favorite philosophers grave, and eat a cheeseburger out of a pretty box whilst conversing about real girl power. I learned so much on this trip.

The first day there I had to play a summer event with Back to Future Sounds and the collective Girls Are Awesome. It was my first day in CPH and was raining buckets, but in true woman spirit we handled the rain and the sun ended coming out just in time for my set. I had so much playing and it was my first time experiencing girl power behind the booth. It can be very hard for a female DJ because everyone is constantly sizing you up or competing. In DJing, each person has their own vibe and groove so I feel there’s no way to compare unless for shallow reasons. I played with Tia TurnTables and BTF Ringleader Amanda Baun. After ending a great set and party we ended up at the Meatpacking District where I would end up playing again the next night.

The next day was special because we were all a little tired but we did a lot in a chill way. Amanda took me to the gravesite of Soren Kierkegaard, one of my favorite danish philosophers. I love him because he tells us to live life as it is. “Be that self which one truly is.”

“To dare is to lose one’s footing momentarily. Not to dare is to lose oneself.”

“Life has it’s own hidden forces which you can only discover by life.”

The cemetery is located in a big beautiful park with a trail that takes you where you need to go. The trees are tall and beautiful. Like the Pere Lachaise in Paris it’s a beautiful, peaceful place. I just love parks because there’s a feeling there. An energy.

We had a really fancy Yo-Burger in the park, and talked about anxiety. I don’t know what happened but on this trip I was with girls I had just met for the most part and we were able to be authentic and true with one another and that felt so good. All of those moments inspired to me to start my new project ( To be revealed later this month!)

That night I played two amazing gigs back to back at Bakken, and Chateau Motel. I was so excited because it was my first time playing a house set (at Bakken) and a Chateau it was a packed house and I had my girls behind me. It was the first time I felt that, like people behind you really telling you that you killed it and guiding you a long the way. The crowd was really hyped and I played 1AM-3AM sober, which as a DJ can be quite stressful. People just want to dance. So you have to find the happy medium of remaining true to your style and set and also keep the “hits” rolling. I love DJing because truly each set I play is a surprise.

My last day there, a Saturday was completely a day I will never forget. All of my girlfriends from CPH got together hangovers and all (I am on the journey to becoming completely sober from social drinking so I was just tired). We met up at Sneakers & Coffee a really cute little sneaker shop with a cool concept of shopping for your sneakers whilst drinking a coffee. I really love the idea. Then we had brunch and my friend arranged one of those scandanavian bikes with a big wagon (big enough for little ol’ me) we got our speaker, music and blankets and set out on a biking adventure through CPH to Christiania (a small venice beach like commune where people live together and yes you can buy weed there peacefully and on the low low.) We stopped at a really dope store I’ll mention later called HypeTrade. I got a really dope Supreme x North Face Second hand bag there and the President Obama Supreme stickers.

I will be honest, in most cities I have anxiety. It’s something I have talked about very openly and why I now reside in Amsterdam for the moment. Copenhagen felt different, it was very open- a walking/biking city. I felt right at home. There were so many amazing places to eat and little speciality shops. It seemed like each shop and restaurant in Copenhagen was a mixture of it’s owners hobbies. I went to a Crate & Vinyl shop selling records and craft beers. A Japanese clothing shop, and then Sneakers & Coffee. My friend even just recently opened up a higher end vintage shop where you can find special vintage designer pieces, handpicked.

I had a list of things I wanted to see and do in one day and my friends really came through for me. We stopped along the way at all of the places I wanted to see and finished the afternoon in Christiania the special place I told you about. We bonded over ham & cheese sandwiches in the sun, listening to the reggae sounds of Doct Lond (lol inside joke) and smoking a little joint awwing and oohing over babies and puppies. Christiania was one of those hippie places where people were happy and smiling and some people even brought their children to feel the love. It had been raining all weekend so the sun coming out and staying out for our journey was G-d given.

Amanda and I said goodbye to the girls ( I had tears in my eyes saying goodbyes) and we went back to her house listened to vinyls and cooked. I was inspired that weekend to finally start something I had envisioned for a long time. I was inspired by the energy of the girls I had been around. To see that they existed. When I can look into someones eyes and be myself, tell my story and they receive me I feel a connection.

Towards the end of trip before we parted ways, we met a man named Paul who asked to take our photo. I am used to photographers always coming up to me so I didn’t think twice before saying yes. Turns out Paul was maybe a little drunk, maybe a little high, maybe a little off but quite special. He had a komono and a lobster in which he used for his portraits which would be exhibited in Copenhagen. I don’t know if Paul was really a photographer but I shared some of my earnings from Christiania with him and I listened to him and wished him a good weekend. He wrote me a little picture and I put it in my wallet.

Normally you would run or be rude to guys like Paul, but something keeps telling me the world would be a better place if we all gave people like Paul two minutes of our time from every now and then.

CPH part 2, with my picks from HypeTrade and Passage21 coming soon. You can find them on Instagram at @Hypetrade and @Passage21

jumpsuit: @passage21
bag: supreme nyc via @hypetrade
shoes: @hypetrade

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