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COUCOU PARIS…. I’m back!

We are only about 2 months into 2015 and it’s already been a really busy year for me. I am really excited to say that soon I will be traveling to Asia to DJ and as I am very inspired by Japanese and Korean street style I found this amazing app WEAR APP you can download it directly from your iphone or android and upload your looks daily and follow others that inspire you!

I have been browsing amazing trendsetters in Japan and peeping the stores they are shopping at. Everything is linked so if you see something you like you can just go purchase it! It’s amazing!!

You also have the option of saving looks of other users for later inspiration!! I love that I am able to connect with people in Japan that have the same style as me, it’s so inspiring and I really can’t wait for my trip to Asia!

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trench: burberry
ls shirt: faith connexion paris
leather trousers: faith connexion paris
skirt: faith connexion paris
baskets: riccardo tisci for nike

photo: fanny cortade (@fannycortade)
styling/hair: liza ostanina (@lizostanina)
MUA: hannah nathalie (@hannahnathalie)
creative direction: yours truly

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