Done sayin’, “I’m done playin’.” I really have my clearest thoughts about living in Paris in the early morning time on my cab ride, when I’m normally coming home from work on the weekends after the club and parties. Last night I was famished, so hungry after work my friend and I got a panini and normally in Paris cab drivers won’t let you in the cab with food, for the fact that they assume you are a drunk crazy girl who is going to make a mess. As elementary as this is, my cab driver last night handed my friend and I newspaper to spread out and let us eat our panini’s and drink my Orangina (to me, this was a random act of kindness).

I guess lately despite some personal troubles I have been having, I feel very happy and lucky to be able to work so hard doing what I love in this city. To me, I have become a better person being around French people. My eyes are more open to the important things in life and I much rather be surrounded by the energy I feel here. It’s not something I can much explain, but a more poetic way of living and thinking. One of my friends and I always describe it as “having good feelings”. Most of the things I do for people and work is because of good feelings and vibes something for so long I was closed off to in america.

On the way home last night I was telling my friend that during the day when I am busy I am not open to everything I am simply thinking about what has to be done next, and at the end of some of my nights when I am finally so tired and done for the day, I’m almost awakened by all of the beautiful things I haven’t noticed yet, and the peacefulness of Paris when it’s quiet and the sun in rising. The breeze in the air and the pink and the blue in the skies make me feel alive again and restored.



What I’m Wearing: Supreme Cap, D.Time’s Paris Shirt

Photographed by Simon Betite
Makeup by Lena Dymak
Styling by me
Assistant: Jeanne Laval