This last Paris Fashion Week was quite the ride for me. I had just ran my 10K, and DJed all weekend and directly had to jump into a crazy full week of back to back events. Luckily this year, I had a the chance to bring my team with me a long for the ride… so much of what I do and the fun of creating is because I get to spend time with my friends and do what I love. Some of you may see my life or read my words, but here is a little glimpse into my life in Paris and what happens when you live with passion and create your own world…

Thank you so much to Fanny Cortade for sharing the best of her talents with me and making this amazing video. She captured our friendships and world so amazingly.

Also to Hannah Nathalie for ALWAYS making me feel beautiful inside and out. She’s like my therapist/makeup artist/best friend and I don’t know what I would do without her. Sometimes all of this stuff can be scary, but when you feel confident on the outside it reinforces what is inside and helps you take that step into a room with confidence, or to be around or play the same game as people that may be doubting you.

So much of what I have tried to create with She is the Light is about supporting people that support you, people that share the same vibes and morals in life. Especially amongst women. Cutting out the competitive edge and really appreciate the gifts that other women have and combine them together to create a even more powerful, inspiring and supportive atmosphere for other women. I am so lucky to have these girls next to me, and there’s so much more coming….

Also thank you to all the brands, designers, and people that had me part of Paris Fashion Week. It’s STILL a dream come true for me to be here, but it’s even more of a dream to have a place and a voice.


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  1. Hey, Aurielle!

    Excuse my French, but I fucks with you SO heavy. Happy that I stumbled across your blog/IG. Nothing beats coming across another woman who is killing it and has the power to inspire others trying to do the same. As every day goes by, I grow more confident in my artistic skin and am trying to do anything and everything to live the life I want to live through expressing myself freely.

    Thanks for being you. Would love to pick your brain and create with you some day.

    Take care,

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