Okay, so I know I haven’t really spoken about this at all on the blog, but recently I began to work with the brand adidas. I’d like to preface this with a little story about me during my college years. I took a job that my at the time boyfriend helped me get working for the first adidas originals store in Atlanta. At this point in my life I had been finished with pretending to be a really girly girl and had gone back to my tom boyish ways. Having a father who taught us to get outside for our entertainment doing things like playing soccer, hiking, and playing tennis. Adidas was a household name to me as much as Umbro & Nike were. But in my early 20’s I started to have a far away affair with sneakers.

With my new job at Adidas I got to meet people like Big Boi and Andre 3000 and see the special art that is waiting in line for a pair of shoes. Or how the smart sneakerhead buys 2 pairs, and resells the second. I learned that shoeboxes are everything, and there’s nothing like the smell of a new pair of sneakers. I also fell in love with what I would now say is the strongest part of the brand for me, is originals’ strength in apparel. I modeled for the first Y3 presentation in the east coast and I quickly became my own version of a sneakerhead.

Bring me to present time, it’s no wonder I fell back in love with the brand and am very proudly now working with them. I appreciate their youth and freshness, and as a creator I feel free to be myself, whatever that is on any given day.

About 2 weeks ago, I was invited by the brand to experience the new update of one of my favorite sub brands adidas has- the EQT, or EQUIPMENT line in Berlin, Germany. For me these shoes are comfortable yet stylish, and still maintain so much of the original essence of the brand that arguably is what 50% of adidas lovers value about the brand.

We started out the first afternoon chill just with some lunch after everyone had arrived. With a few hours of rest to spare I chilled in my hotel room, made some texts, took a bath, listened to my trap music and got dressed. That’s a pretty normal getting ready routine for me, I like to take my time.

We walked through an EQT museum of artifacts and old archives to get through to the party in the main room. I examined the shoes a little more the next day but it was really fun to see the evolution of the model. Something I feel as a young person that adidas is doing so well is that they listen to the changing times and opinions & style of young people. We are in a new generation where everything is constantly changing and luckily sometimes it’s on our own terms and I feel the brand is doing a great job of reflecting this.

The party continued into dinner & after dinner. We had to be up at 9am so naturally in my grandma fashion I snuck out of the party before I turned into a pumpkin. I always love little (or huge in this matter) events like this because you get to see all your friends from all over the world in different creative but respective fields. I loved the neon aesthetic to the night. I’m kind of obsessed with Neon right now (not like american apparel neon, but neon lights.)

Stay tuned for my part 2 recap of my EQT trip to Berlin with
adidas originals & adidas france!

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