So I am just like any other girl in this world. I don’t know why but when we are bored or when we are in a weird place WE MESS WITH OUR HAIR! A few months ago I got the crazy idea to cut my hair off to a short bob and I have been suffering the consequences since.

But my friends at EXTENSIONS VIP saved my life! I went it for my first visit a few days after I cut my hair off panicked because I knew I didn’t love myself with short hair. The owner greeted me and explained to me very throughly the process I would be having done.



EXTENSIONS VIP uses a process called Hair Dreams individual extensions bonded by keratin. I have to admit I was very scared at first that there would be damage to my hair or breakage like I have experienced with other extensions in the past preventing my hair from actually growing back.


The keratin is bonded by a hot tool (not too hot) that slightly melts the keratin bonding it to your natural hair. 200-250 pieces were used in my hair. The results were amazing.

I was told that they would last for 4-6 months and they ended up staying awesome for 5 months. At the end as my natural hair had grown a lot I did experience some mixing of the bonded and tangling, but I also didn’t go to the salon for my half way “check up” that is highly recommended so that is my fault!!

These hair extensions can also be cut and colored (not too many times) I did color them darker once and chopped the length once too and it looked so natural still. I think everyone with the exception of my friends forgot that I even cut my hair!!

When the extensions were ready to be removed, they were removed easily using keratin removal product and a small tool. The process of putting them in took about 3-4 hours and removing around the same. I only had one bond fall out towards the end of the 5 months. After taking the extensions our there was also no damage to my hair I so happy to say! I am so pleased with this process I am going to get them again!!

You can follow Extensions VIP @extensionsvip on instagram

Gros Merci et Bisous to Svet, Sergi and the Republique Salon!

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