Financial Influencer Workshop Jan. 13, 2016

Well you might follow me on my many social networks on my blog, but not really know what my life is really like other than what I share with you. For the past year and a half I have been financially supporting myself off of DJing and running my blog as a creative influencer working with some of my (and I am sure yours) favorite brands. In 2016 it was really important for me to boost my financial stability because while I am earning money, in many ways I am still struggling and know I could be working smarter. I feel like this is something every influencer who decides to work for themselves goes through- so I have decided to team up with one of my oldest friends and financial guru, Latisha Styles to bring you guys our first Influencer Workshop on Jan. 13, 2016 here you will learn the following things from us:

How to get started as an influencer by creating a blog or vlog

A strategy to grow your tribe of raving fans via social media using Instagram, Pinterest, Periscope and Facebook

How to stay in touch with your tribe using email marketing

How to create a topic map of ideas for your social media channels so you never run out of content

How to create relationships with brands that are looking for YOU and your audience

How to determine what to charge when you get your first influencer agreement

you can sign up here:

I am so excited to speak to Latisha and share our strong points in our different areas of expertise (mine being creative and social media and hers being finance) to create new goals for 2016 and help you achieve your goals to influencing and making money! This will be a great chance for those of you who constantly write me mail and messages to have all your questions answered! Hope to see you there!x

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