From Paris with Love with Richie Reach


Last week I had the chance to hang out with Richie Reach and speak to him about some of his projects, and the party we DJed B2B together at Favela Chic Paris. It was an amazing turn out. Richie is such a talented DJ and there was times I was lost in the vibe when he was playing. I learned so much just mixing with him one night! 

As I go along I am learning more and more about radio and mixing, but it’s like discovering a passion that should have been obvious to me all along. If you listen you will hear all the crazy stuff that can happen on live radio. I am learning how to run the controls during my show and do everything self sufficiently. I think it’s really cool to listen back at my mistakes and how I also grow.

The party was so much fun at Favela Chic. It was a very diverse crowd and everyone was dancing. Super fun. I sometimes can’t believe this is considered a real job! It’s hard to stay up late yes, but the energy and vibes you get when people feel the music you play… it’s priceless.

Hope this provides good vibes for another prosperous week!

Bis x


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