Day Two of our Amsterdam trip was the most fun to me. We saw so many amazing places and got to walk around central amsterdam in the day time.



We first woke up and had breakfast at the lovely hotel v then went to check out the coolest coffee shop/work space EVER COFFEE & COCONUTS Ceintuurbaan 282-284, Amsterdam, for anybody that works for themselves and doesn’t have an office quite yet you can understand that working at home is simply not an option!! So you have to rely on coffee shoppes and library to find the peace to work creatively and not be disturbed, this place is AMAZING for that. Spacious and the lighting is amazing, not to mention the food. It’s like the dream coffee shoppe.

After having lunch and coffee, we explored a bit more enjoying the ambience and stopped by the magazine shop and ofcourse another coffee shoppe;)





All in All this was a very amazing trip with my girls. I am not the best person on a group trip because I am alone a lot and need lots of space. I mean let’s just be honest roadtripping is disgusting sometimes but so much fun at the same time. It also allows you to bond with your friends on a real level. We all have our own quirks and personalities and should learn to love one another despite the positives and negatives. I love this part because after a trip like this you feel much closer to the people you are with. Very Very thankful that the people I get to work with are also my best friends.

bomber: fastlane paris
shoes: nike
track pants: nike
black bomber: sixth june paris

all photos by: Fanny Cortade
mua: hannah nathalie

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