Got the what goin up on a tuesday?

When I originally planned this post, unorganized as usual- I planned it to be your typical motivational workout “new year-new you” blah blah blah post. In french we say “N’importe quoi” – that basically means excuse my french…and wait for it … wait for it… BULLSHIT. I am sitting on the floor in my 5 year old niece’s bedroom currently surrounded by pink decor in my calvin klein “blank-y” (yes I have a calvin klein decor throw that travels with me around the world and smells of lavendar. It has survived many overseas flights and has been with me since I moved to brooklyn during the winter insanely 5 years ago). With that said I may or may have not downed 3 servings of whipped cream banana pudding last night. It’s the holidays, don’t be too down on yourself, but do get up and get started… let’s proceed.

In a sea full of fitness instagrammers and bloggers I try not to set my bar and expectations of myself too high. I love to eat, GOOD food (as well as healthy food) and enjoy life. I also love to do sports. I am one of those people who really enjoy group activities oddly enough despite the fact when I go to workout I don’t really wanna talk too much, having someone around is much more motivating than going it alone. But sometimes you really have to JUST DO IT.


Going forward for the new year, I have promised myself to after almost two weeks off (I ran and did some small training) get started with activities that I atleast like. I love listening to music so making great playlists is always a first as well. While home for the holidays I don’t have the luxury of taking my regular 3 to 4 times a week spin class in Atlanta so I have to be creative.

First I have decided to take a stock of what I want to change about myself and the parts of me that could use work. Like I have mentioned many, many times before doing sports for me isn’t solely about the way I look- for me it helps me escape many stresses of life emotionally.

Before my travels I recently met up with Nike Master Trainer Coach Cindy in Paris at the Nike HQ, and she showed me amazing exercises that can be done from home. One of my favorite exercises that she showed me can be done in socks on the kitchen floor or in sneakers (if you can purchase the discs those are cool too).


Basically you do two motions with this exercise and 3 reps each making a total of 10x each and 6 reps.

The first motion is a side to side motion with your legs – like scissors but while holding the plank pose, do this 10x. 3 reps.


The second motion is bringing your knees up one leg at a time in rotation using the sliding friction while holding the plank position. This will work your abs too if you can bring your knees high.

I will be posting a cool easy to do exercise every tuesday for the next 2 months and videos on my instagram. To join the movement and keep track of other girls trying to stay in shape, follow @Nikewomen and use the hashtags #sheisthelight and #traintuesday

Happy Training! <3 photos by @Hlenie Photography
MUA @HannahNathalie
Special Merci to Fanny Lauren and Mags at Nike France!

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