I’m in love, totally. For the past weeks I’ve done nothing but have peaceful feeelings in my stolen moments about a man who appears to be made for me. I often wonder if G-d send him to me at a moment I was ready to give up on love or if I am once again falling for an inevitable trap.

Why does love make us feel strong yet weak at the same time? It brings out the best in me, but reminds me of all of my weaknesses at the same time.

Am I ready? Is he the one? like the one? I feel like he is, but what does he feel?
When we make love I feel swallowed whole.
I feel taken away .
I feel ecstasy.

These aren’t things I’ve felt before.

When I look into his eyes I feel safe.

written by aurielle sayeh
photos by @alexsocks
clothing: @misspap
styling: @lissa.brandon

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