I was about to work on my normal style post from London but I decided I had something on my heart. For many of you that don’t know me personally I suffer from a high anxiety disorder. It effects my sleep, my moods, and sometimes even my health. I have found ways to deal with this over the years.


I have always been pretty athletic but I am not a freak about it. I go with what I feel and at my own pace. I can say that being active in sports helps my stress. It’s a moment to focus on yourself and your body. When I am overwhelmed or stressed I try to remember that most of the time things always work out and that struggles are what make us stronger.


This past week after the madness of traveling to London and coming back to PFW chaos and before leaving for my amsterdam trip I had the chance to do some yoga and it was just what I needed for my body. It allowed me to center my mind and body for another very busy week.


1. Only you can make you happy.
2. Simplicity brings more happiness than complexity.
3. Be satisfied with what you have.
4. The combination of effort, inner detachment, and genuine equanimity helps us come home within ourselves – and find inner peace.

(1325 Buddhist Ways to Be Happy
By Barbara Ann Kipfer
Pg. 102)