I had the amazing chance to be interview and write for the amazing heartbreak app/website recently featured on VOGUE magazine: #howimend

reposting my favorite parts for all of my readers! you can read the full article here on:#howimend

“I had my heart broken many times when I was younger. I’ve always been pretty transparent when it comes to feelings and emotions – be it friendships or relationships, I give everything or nothing. The first time I had my heart broken so much I couldn’t sleep or eat, was probably the first time I was in love for real. All my past relationships, and the hurt had I carried with me from them, caused me to ruin a relationship with someone I really wanted to spend my life with. I think from that point on I decided to try to focus on becoming a stronger woman even though it was difficult. I definitely went back and forth with that person for many years. But at the end of the day, I chose myself and my growth, and I am very happy and proud of that.”



“There’s a French saying: c’est pas grave, which literally means it’s not grave. It’s not gonna kill you. This saying is something I always remember. I hate being single. I wish that I had someone to share my life with, but I would have never obtained this life I have made for myself if I was in a relationship. So I would tell my younger self to chill and wait. To invest all of those years spent in a relationship on herself. I could have avoided a lot of pain if I listened to my dad’s advice. He told me to wait on love and focus on myself.”


“I recently was very hurt by someone I wasn’t dating per se, but who I thought I was dating. He was a good friend, someone I spoke to a lot. We had sexual and emotional relations for about a year. I never pressured him to be in a relationship because in France, dating is much different than in America, and honestly I didn’t have the time to care. We spent great moments together and when I came to the realization that I had deep feelings for this person, I told him. He didn’t receive me the way I hoped and actually referred to me as a ‘sex friend,’ which I took pretty offensively. I was hurt that he couldn’t see past my sexuality, because I have so much more to offer as a woman.”


“Love is fucking complicated! But it exists! It’s cliche to say this, but you really have to fall in love with yourself first. I laugh and roll my eyes now at men that only come to me for a physical relationship, because I know that I am the whole package and that package is sacred. I have good men telling me this everyday, but more over, I KNOW it to be true. I have worked very hard to become someone that I like and respect, and that job never ends. It’s absolutely hilarious to me to consider spending time with someone that doesn’t register that. I’m straight up not looking to pass the time with someone. I want to be, and stay, crazy in love with the man of my life, my best friend. I can wait for him wherever he is. My biggest lesson is patience. Being single sucks! But the alternative of giving myself away in meaningless relationships creeps me out and doesn’t appeal to me either. My intuition tells me that my patience will reward me with a man that can be equivalent to the big dreams in my life that have unfolded. I know that it’s possible.”



“Where Is the Love by Roberta Flack and Donny Hathaway.”

read the full article here:
aurielle sayeh- #howimend

photos: romain pivetal
makeup: hannah nathalie
styling: aurielle sayeh

sports bra: Nike France
banane: Nike for Asos France
sweatpants: Les Geometries

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