So the Winter time is over, but not quite yet. Most days in Paris can be either quite nice or rather dreary. You can never tell if it will be sunshine or rain and that can be very annoying!


The winter time for most people can be very rough. We have to stay inside because of the extreme temperatures, and it can be a quite frustrating, sad and non social time of year. I personally suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder- I know it. I hate the winter, I hate the holidays and I hate going outside. It’s in my cancer nature to just be as comfy as possible and only leave the house when work is involved.



During these times I really rely on comfort. Comfortable clothes, comfortable shoes, and anything that makes me feel like home. I love this sweatsuit from Champion via Starcow Paris. Perfect for cold and rainy days that I still have to go out in but still want to be stylish.

sweats: champion via starcow paris
shoes: nike via nike france
beanie: starcow paris @starcowparis

photo: simon betite @nevernot
#filmisnotdead #sbjournals
mua: hannah nathalie @hannahnathalie
styling: yours truly