Well the last month has been weirrrrdd to say the very least. After the Paris tragedy like most Parisiennes I boycotted unnecessary activities and chose to stay home in bed netflixin it up with cookies. Luckily, I didn’t abandon my sports, but sometimes during the winter and the holidays you just need to hibernate to feel like yourself again. But let’s be honest when you finally decide to come out of your funk, you need a little polishing yourself.

I am a bit of an emotional being and when I am going through things be it family stuff or personal stuff I like to take time for myself to regroup and regather my positivity. I like to feel my way through what I am going through. My focus in addition to our editorials on the blog, in 2016 is to bring you guys more sports and beauty posts. This one is dedicated to my tips on how I feel better when I am not feeling like myself. Sports is a huge part of my life and journey that goes without saying. Yoga was originally what got me out of my funk from the Paris attacks and some hard family stuff recently. And shout out to Granola brand chocolate chip cookies. Here are some of my pre-travel routines and feel good tips. I will be writing a post later this month about preventative aging skincare shared with an interview with Award Winning French Plastic Surgeon, Jacques Ohana.


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This coffee scrub may seem pretty simple, but it’s like gold in a bottle. It helps with my breakouts (I use on my face first and foremost) and then once a week or every two weeks I scrub all over my entire body. It prevents stretch marks and cellulite as well. In addition to all that it moisturizes my skin and gives me a really cool glow, and that soft skin that all the boys love. 🙂


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Well who doesn’t love a bright smile? Your teeth are probably the most important part of you. We have come a long way from messy crest white strips that make your teeth really sensitive. I love White With Style because it’s really easy on my teeth and it’s vegan and they do not test their products on animals!!! I do this once every week or every two weeks to maintain my bright smile and keep my enamel healthy.



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I am a coffee girl to be honest, but I love to drink tea because of how it helps detox my body. It’s not a secret if you follow me on IG that I love to eat food. I live my life and I don’t say no to things. I am not a health food guru or vegan. Bring on the butter and the cheese, and the cookies and the chips. But I do take breaks with my tea detoxes. I also eat salads or do cleaner eating on the regular basis and allow myself one week to eat crazy and then the weekends. Tea also helps me relax. This week, as I tend to get really bloated during travel I will choose two days to detox and just drink tea and water and have some fruit or juice. It makes a world of a difference. This is in moderation and it’s not hard to have good results.


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I really try to be natural with my skin and hair. I take a supplement for glowing skin full of collagen and vitamins called Vida Glow. It’s tasteless and odorless and you can just put it in your water or applesauce or oatmeal. I LOVE LOVE LOVE french skincare. So I always wash my face with Bioderma wash or sometimes I change it up when my skin has gotten used to a certain product. I have changed this month and I am pretty happy with the results. I also use Olive Oil everything. My hair is dry because I have just gone blonde two months ago. So I don’t wash my hair everyday and I sleep in olive oil leave in conditioner and use olive oil on my hair before applying heat. Once a week I use a repairing conditioner and make a mask. Even though I have extensions right now it’s important to take care of my hair while it’s growing back.

merci to my makeup artist @hannahnathalie for her help on this post! I would love to have some feedback on how you guys feel about my beauty posts! More to come soon! Bis x

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