SORRY! I have taken a great big hiatus from posting after my London trip. I came back to Paris and Voila Paris Fashion Week all over again. What does living in a beautiful city like Paris feel like during Fashion Week you may ask?


Well for me, an American in Paris on my third non professional fashion week (I finally have show accred starting for next Septembers shows) it feels a bit like living in any big city (LA OR NYC) or going to any event in said cities (COACHELLA/ART BASEL) year after year. So I have found a way to do Fashion Week on my own terms. No pressure. If I like something or the universe of something I am invited to, I go. If I am tired, burnt out or not into it I stay home.


When you have fancy events to go to and you aren’t quite a dress girl, like me it’s hard to know what in the world to wear. My last three fashion weeks I have rocked pant suits by Ted Baker. They are girly, classy and comfortable and can easily be worn with heels or fancy sneakers.


One day, I am sure I will switch to fancy designer dresses but for right now I am happy being in my own element and universe and staying dressed and comfortable during parties and events. So excited to have seen my american friends in town for pfw and even more excited for my upcoming trip to amsterdam with one of my great friends from new york and my she is the light squad. Follow the adventures on Instagram @AurielleSayeh //@SheisTheLight


photographer : de panam
mua: hannah nathalie
hair: sarah diouf
suit: ted baker
merci: sandie roy paris

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