I’m a silent intellectual believe it or not: I read, write and listen to podcasts a lot. Before starting my blog I was an avid reader of into the gloss. I’m a natural beauty supply and skincare freak so when I heard Emily was starting a brand I was really enthusiastic about it. Since then, I’ve read articles, and listened to interviews about how and why she started the brand. This is not an easy task, but in this post I have to show props to a brand that has managed to represent the underestimated girl, the natural one- and bring back being yourself again; Glossier

I did a walk through with Glossier in their homebase of New York City in their Showroom located in my favorite neighborhood of Soho. I geeked out for about thirty minutes testing the new products I haven’t been able to try since I’ve been Europe and got the lowdown on the brands’ expansion overseas. Not to worry, Glossier will be shipping to a country near you soon.

When you first walk into the showroom you feel magic, if you get off on beauty products and clean packaging you’re in for a treat. Visually aesthetic colors and packaging makes shopping here really easy and getting in and out. There are cosmetic testers everywhere and people there to help you should you have any questions. All the girls were cute and on brand. They even had these cute little pink jumpsuits on (I want one!).

I def stocked up while I was there and got everything to try. I will make a skincare post vs. a makeup tutorial in the new year reviewing the new products but for now here are some of the things I discovered. I did ask about when Glossier would be shipping to France and the Netherlands. I was told that France will be sometime in 2018, and the Netherlands will be TBD but they are working on it Europe. Be patient! It’s worth it.

Why Glossier? And is this just another hype makeup brand?

I have tried a lot of products because of hype. I like Glossier because it’s affordable and for every girl. I know a lot of girls like me who just can’t be bothered with baking and caking on as I like to call it. When a makeup artist does my makeup or “beats” my face (lol) I’m stoked on it but for everyday use it’s just not possible. I am one of those girls who really likes to have good skin and wear minimal makeup but I really still enjoy things like highlighters, brow kits, and lipsticks and glosses.

products are light weight, non greasy and really serve their purpose. They are also affordable and made cruelty free. I hate to get tripped up on the packaging but as a consumer it’s something that really appeals to me as well. I’m so excited to try all of my new products, but I’ve been an OG phase 1 Glossier user since they first launched.

Here are some of my favorite items:

Haloscope Highlighter: if I had to throw out all my bags of makeup and just choose one thing to have with me at all times it would be this. I like my skin a lot, and this just gives you that extra moisturized, been drinking a lot of water & taking care of yourself n shit kind of glow. Glowing, dewey skin isn’t for everyone but it’s def my thing.

Jelly face wash:
Soaps dry your skin out and never properly take off your makeup. I use this whenever I wear makeup or every other day. It’s non-drying, and lasts you forever. I got mine in September and am still using it. I think it will last you 3-4 months with daily usage.

Lipsticks/tints: I recently just tried one of the colors in ZIP from my bag of new goodies, and instantly became obsessed. Imagine a chapstick, balm type feel (softer) with perfect build-able color coverage… I can’t wait to try all the colors.

Here are some of the other products I am looking forward to trying:

Thank you so much Glossier, Emily & Brittany for your hospitality. I am so excited for you guys to keep expanding!

*If you are in the New York area, do yourself a favor and check out the showroom. The GLOSSIER YOU showroom in Soho really has a special treat for you as well;) Check my instastories if you are in Europe and unable to see for yourself. Lots of Love, Auri

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