I Was Running through the 6th with my woes

Back to Life. Back to Reality. That’s how that song goes right? Well to check in things pretty much are back to normal here in Paris, except for the bizarre activities of the protests for Cop21 (if you don’t know about this there has been some pretty crazy environmental issues going on lately) and all of the worlds leaders have met up in Paris this week to talk about it. Shout out to Obama, gonna miss you mang.


While I have to admit that I have had some pretty weird days here in Paris, the excitement of going back to my hometown of Atlanta, Georgia in 2 weeks for the holidays has me really very excited. I can’t wait to see my family. I have had a lot of anxiety since the attacks even though no one close to me was hurt. I still feel as though it has changed a lot of things for me here in Paris, and a lot of things are constantly changing everyday in this world, in every country. With that said there is not much we can do, but to be loving and have a positive attitude and fight for the causes that resonate with us personally as humans.

While I reflect on my past year, and my future goals coming rapidly towards me for 2016- I think it’s been a hard year, but I also think it’s been a great year. 6 months into my 30th year of life and I am tired sometimes, but I am sure of what I want and that clarity gets me through. I was talking to some of my friends yesterday when we were working and I made a joke that at this time of the year everything becomes like “fuck it”. It’s cold, we wanna sleep in, it’s darker earlier outside, we eat more, have less motivation to do our sports- it’s just not a fun time.


But I have learned something in years of my grinchmas moods of the past- it’s okay to feel this way, it’s okay to let go. In fact, this time of the year might just be for that. Reflection, Spending time with people that you love, Making new goals for the new year, and being gentle with yourself. In about 11 days my life is going to be busses, planes, airports and babies and I am so excited about that, but I am going to miss life in Paris and in Europe while I am gone.


We took these pictures 2 weeks exactly after the attacks in one of my favorite neighborhoods of the Marais. Standing in Parisienne streets near cafes and shopping areas at this time seems quite uneasy, but on this day the sun was shining and things were good. Everything gets easier. You just have to be gentle with yourself, trust your feelings and take your time. Sometimes you have to carry your loads with you and still walk (or run) through life with your head up in hopes for better times.


photos: Antoine De Alemida
makeup:Hannah Nathalie
stylism: yours truly

jumper: Boo Hoo France
sneakers: Nike France
jacket: Vintage

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