During the last paris fashion week I had the chance to catch up with my old friend Lazy Kat premiere classe to discover the new accessories and collections. We made a little shooting with amazing parisienne photo Florie Berger in one of my most favorite places The Tuileries garden in Paris.

Recently, I decided to move back to Paris in the Fall. Having and continuing to have a really rich and rewarding experience in Amsterdam, I have been coming back and fourth to Paris for a while and decided to try to officially make my roots there in the Fall. So many parts of me are fully parisienne while it’s a love & hate relationship. I am not rude, but I the rudeness of some french people kind of rubs off on you sometimes when you’re taking public transportation. I guess I am a modern take on a parisienne-american girl. I love red lipstick, messy bed hair, minimal makeup and multiple coffees.

I have learned to take the bus more recently so that I can really see the city and all it’s beauty. I love watching old people as well. It’s one of my favorite past times. They take the bus a lot. The city is full of so many beautiful things and memories for me it’s hard to not feel some sort of love. It was the first time in my life (after new york or LA) that I was really lost and sunken into something so much bigger than me.

I still often think about how I am going to make it all work. How am I really going to start a life here, like a real life. Have a home, a husband, a family, become french. It seems so difficult to even think of. So I settle for the day to day stolen beauty I find.

photos: florie berger
glasses: emmanuelle khanh
outfit: nicholson and nicholson
purse: tammy and benjamin

special merci to katia aka lazy kat!

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