Hi guys,
I know I know I suck at updating my blog. Thanks instagram. But the truth is I’m working on some pretty exciting new things and going in some new directions. I’ve been traveling a lot since I got back to Europe, but have also been utilizing my time to plan, catch up on bills/things, and treat my ailments with self-care.
By the end of this month I will have traveled to 6+ countries for work. Tomorrow, my third trip this month to Lyon for a day. Last week I was in Greece and I had such an amazing trip. Sometimes, I feel anxious about all the travel.

Leaving my bed, my room, my peace is hard. Especially when I am busy working as soon as I arrive. In Greece, my trip started with two nights straight of not going to bed til 6am. These things are hard. Traveling via public transportation is draining, and keeping up with other projects, invoices, debts while away could make one person scream. I’m learning that self-care is first. As soon as I get home I do things that make me comfortable. Things that make me feel like me. And aside from the cats and small talk with my roomies (who also travel for work a lot) I take a lot of “me” time alone.

I also use this time to catch up on series, thoughts and emails. Also things like texting with my friends and family if I can. I’m learning that I am only as good as I feel creatively or life wise (as far as what I am able to give other people.) I want to accomplish a lot of things the next months and this summer so I am trying to live a fear free, positive life and summer.

This is not always as easy as it sounds. There is always shit that comes up with life. Always, but for the most part it’s not under our control and stress just is a waste of time even though it comes quite natural to me.

As I am preparing to move back to Los Angeles/Atlanta in the fall, I have so many things to do and see. The idea of being based back in the states has really made me open my eyes to all of my experiences with work, friends and my travels. I want to thank everyone who has been supporting me the last years. A lot of things in my life will be changing soon, but some things will stay the same. I am focusing more on creating and bringing mindful content to life also while giving back and remaining positive but also true to all of the components that make me who I am. My blog is a big part of me, but through my up and coming projects you will begin to see there’s a lot more to me.

Stay with me as I share some snippets, photos, videos of my travels this summer and other bits and bobs of my life. Stay blessed xx


photos by: Zoe A.

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