Sorry for my lack of posts lately. Life has gotten in the way of updating the blog as much as I’d like to, but I have many exciting & special posts coming for you! Living abroad “officially” has been less than easy. I think that making the real transition with everyday life is harder than people realize. After all I was born in the states and had every right and my whole life to set up everything properly there. France is a bit slower than the states, and things are a little more old fashioned (aka complicated).

As many of you know from my instagram I have been training with Nike Women the past few weeks in preparation for my first race. It has been such a hard but life changing decision for me. It was really my goal to get into my best physical shape before I turn 30 in July, and with this race it really is helping me to do so.


I have been training around 3 to 4 days a week, with some of the nicest, most inspiring girls and coaches. I think having them around has really inspired me to push myself and go further. I reached the goal of running a practice 10k two weekends ago with my running partner in the time we hoped to make. Right now I am just working on perfecting and bettering my time. But at the beginning of the training I wasn’t sure I could make it. I also have noticed that my body has changed so much!! I have been doing dynamo cycling classes in between my running training and it has helped with my strength and agility.


All in all – no matter what excuses people make or what people say being healthy and fit is a choice and a lifestyle. Whether you are busy or not, it has to be a passion for you and really it’s more in the mind than in the body. I have been doing sports my whole life , but never particularly been a fanatic of running. When you aren’t in love with running like some people it’s really hard to do long distances. We have also done a lot of interval training (which for those of you that don’t know is running fast, and running slow at different paces and times to build your strength up). I kind of escape my problems and feel like such a strong person and woman in the mind and heart when I make it through my trainings knowing I pushed myself. I have been busy with work a bit the past few days and other things and have missed my training and really been sad about that as if something was missing in my life. Looking forward to getting back to it tonite and in the morning! Training alone is not as easy, but I for sure feel as if running is a new addition here to stay in my life. As many of you may know I was born with a rare heart murmur as a child, and doing this is crazy and so exciting for me as a woman. I know that I will go into the next decade of my life with amazing personal habits.

Merci to everyone at Nike France for your continued energy, spirit and dedication. Merci to the girls that I am running with Alice, Nailia, Alix, Vanessa, Sabrina and Magali- You guys rock. You are the strongest, most inspiring girls I know in Paris. We all have really busy schedules and very different lives and to come together to feel great about ourselves means a lot to me. Last but not least GROS MERCI to our trainers at infiniment sports!! You guys have really taught me so much and that we can do more than we think we can.


photos by Laura Ma
MUA: Hannah Nathalie
shoes: Nike France
clothing: Nike Lab x Johanna Schneider