I arrived in Paris quite early this morning. 6:30am to be exact. I have three very busy and exciting days ahead of me and I look forward to that. I remember being so in love with the city, and in the mornings these romantic notions always seem to come back to me. As I sit with my cafe creme et petite dejeuner I wonder if falling in love with cities, like people, are similar to relationships that sometimes do not work out, but you always hold the good moments with that person you spent so much time with dear to you in the end.

Sometimes my patience grows slow like this wifi that I am using, when I am contemplating falling in love with anything. Have I not worked hard enough on myself to be selective and demand that things come in the shape and form that I envision them in? Or should I live a little and let things happen to me sometimes? When you learn to follow your heart in so many areas of life- work, living, friendships, your family, changing your hairstyle should you not grant love the same benefit of the doubt?

I caught a glimpse of myself 6 or 7 years ago on one of those horrid, but sometimes delightful facebook auto throwbacks. My face was young, and flawless. I didn’t have hurt or pain in my eyes or the small but noticeable wrinkles beneath to support them. Maybe, I should use that eyecream collecting dust in the bathroom. I remember then that the only worries I had was myself. Maybe how I would pay my rent, because I had spent the money shopping. Over the last 6 years I have grown into myself, and my battle scars show on my face despite my still youthful appearance. I sometimes feel like I often wear that baggage in other places.

I love being in love with my life. I love that it’s not conventional. I even love when it’s challenging. I even embrace my pain and sorrows. I embrace getting older. I look forward to my goals and what I have not yet achieved and becoming even better. These battle scars are what makes me who I am.

dress: @fshnbnkr x @thefifthlabel
shoes: @nike

photos:marion lietout