I’ve always been me, I guess I know myself : Amsterdam Trip #5

I guess you can say I’m a bit of a free spirit. That’s no surprise as I live my life off of vibes, moods and energy. The past two years have been such a place of growth for me as a woman, I didn’t really know what hit me. I just knew that I’d try my hardest to do the best I could & that things would fall into place as they often do. I will never tell you that living abroad has been easy, but I will tell you that it has been beautiful & it has been worth it.

One city I often travel to because I fell in love with it a long time ago is the beautiful city of Amsterdam. From my first random trip to the red light district with my friends to doing random stuff on every other trip for work & pleasure since. I prefer “lived in” cities and this one takes the cake. This trip however, was unlike the rest because I got to spend time with my friends who live in the city and see how their day to day feels. It’s quite a different experience from being a tourist and navigating yourself around.

But let’s start from the beginning, I took the amazing OUIBUS Coach from Paris around 7am direct to Amsterdam. It took about 6.5 hours as we stopped once for food, but I had reserved the seat next to me so it was quite comfortable besides from the random chatter of the sweaty french man over yonder trying to hit on me. Headphones in with music blasting, and the simple phrase of “parle vous anglais?” always works wonders because 95% of the time, they don’t.

When I finally got into Amsterdam, I realized refreshingly enough it was my first time being alone in a european city on travel with no car or concierge service (besides for London once but I had loads of friends driving me around.) I found my way into the city pretty easily with help of a few locals and checked into my hotel, The Albus. I noticed the familiar feeling of fall creeping up on me and for it being Halloween weekend I felt like a kid fresh out of the movie Hocus Pocus in the scene where they go trick or treating.

I could breathe. Something I don’t find myself often being able to do anywhere. Sometimes we get too comfortable and something (a place, an experience, a person, a memory) comes and shakes it all up for us again reminding us to live.

I think this trip challenged some inner movement and thought for me because I have pretty much been slaving away with work and all of my projects and had lost that creative touch I love so much about myself. A few days in Amsterdam and I found it again. Maybe too much. I was never really in the past open to traveling to a city for a weekend and hanging out with people I didn’t know too well and kind of just seeing what happened. Since I moved to Europe that changed for me because some of my best nights and days have been with people I connected with by spirit or energy rather than an amount of time we had known eachother for. I can’t really explain why these feelings are so detrimental to my work, but they are. These are the things I am inspired by, the things that put fire under my ass so to speak.

I always share my ideology that if you envision the things that you want in life (like really see them) they kind of start to just randomly pop up everywhere. That happened for me a lot on this trip. It’s no secret that I love plants, and cacti. I spend too much time making pinterest moodboards on how I am going to be a crazy plant lady when I finally set roots somewhere for good. For now I only have my little baby cacti family. But anyways- I was SURROUNDED by plants this trip, things that made me jump up and down inside. My eyes were really open on this trip to how many things I have asked for in life that have been put right in front of my face. Like “HEY AURIELLE- YOU ARE LIVING THE LIFE YOU WANTED. HOW DOES IT FEEL?” Sometimes we are just not in the moment or emotional space to recognize things, and ofcourse life isn’t perfect so when dealing with challenges it’s really hard to see just how many things you have to wake up and be thankful for.

There’s a quote I really love that reminds me to stay patient and happy in the “in between” times of change. Right now for me, the time before I go home for the holidays is very challenging. I go home for 2 months and I go back to a life that is foreign to me. It doesn’t belong to me anymore, and when you have really found your groove that is really hard.

“When you realize how perfect everything is, you will tilt your head back & laugh at the sky.”- Buddha

I started my trip with a wonderful shooting for local online streetwear shop for women-On the Block Shop, that was too much fun. The rest of my trip I spent some time exploring the city from another point of view. I am not really the tourist type, I actually prefer to chill at all times so I really enjoyed myself this trip. I went to workout for a early run in vondelpark with my friends. Then later that day we met up friends for a brunch boat ride along the canal. That was so beautiful because it was a little cold, but the sun was shining so you couldn’t even notice. Halloween night I went to a major Halloween party (which just reminded me what a grandma I am- a grandma that loves music and dancing, but can’t drink well). The day after, we passed the day doing brunch at a really great spot and listening to music. I think that was my favorite day. Sometimes it’s nice to just do nothing, and not be on the go. Monday before I left, I spent the day playing music, and exploring the residential city area on my own. I totally fell in love with the area I was staying in. I had some work meetings and got to see the small workspaces for artists and different shops along the way. There were also so many unique coffee shops (real and green stuff). By the end of the trip I was buzzing so much off of the vibes I felt, I must confess it was hard to come back to Paris. I almost wanted to be a child and cancel my ticket back home.

Here are some of the places I loved on my trip this time:

G’s – really nice place
yummy brunch & bloody mary’s, drake tunes.

The Albus Hotel

Maha Amsterdam
luxury streetwear for women

Scandinavian Embassy
coffee shop, cinnamon buns like whoa.


See ya in a few weeks Amsterdam! Bisous

drake panties: @pantyhoez

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