In a coffee shop as normal listening to music to drown out the sounds of annoying tourists who are way too loud for my liking. It’s been one of those days/weeks that I have been thinking far too much. About life, about love, about family, about work, about inner happiness and a bunch of things that I have no control over.


No one tells you that getting older, and wiser is completely hard. Sometimes to strive to stay on top of all the things that you’re doing, be a good friend, sister, daughter- girlfriend whatever— it’s hard. Because you have to take sometime for yourself too. I recently came to the conclusion that I am not superwoman all the time (in my eyes) and even when I am slacking or need a break- I am still doing pretty good.

Life is really about gratitude and acceptance. Understanding, forgiveness and the ability to be gentle and easy with yourself also makes things a lot easier and peaceful.

I got a chance recently to meet and work with the wonderful french jewelry brand HAND AND HAND FRANCE and the founder and her friend. It was quite a magical shoot because we all had a lot in common and it was a chance for me to get a little more dressed up, yet still be my natural self. The jewelry is hand made and I love this collection because the theme is “Over the Moon”, being the moon child that I am with my obsession for the stars and the moons effect on humans I was so happy to be part of this project. It was a great vibey energetic day. You can check out the whole collection at: http://www.HANDANDHAND.FR

I’ve also attached a really great soulection tape by SPZRKT & SANGO that one of my good friends showed me. Haven’t arrived to stop playing it yet. New favorite and these guys are from Georgia! It’s almost the weekend, enjoy! x

clothing: ZARA
designer/photos: SABRI BENY