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This past weekend I had a major dream come true and pleasure of djing for one of the best brands in the world, Nike. After my radio show on Samedi I headed out to do a warm up before surprise guest Ellie Goulding performed, and I had to pump up the runners for the Nike France 10km Paris Centre race! It was really such an amazing experience for me personally, I am just starting running again with the Paris Running Club, but the vibes I felt this weekend weren’t only applicable to running, but life. There was a total energy that I cannot explain, the night before, and even more so the morning of the race.

It was such a privilege for me to be able to choose the music that the runners got to do their warm up and departure to. Although, I am a fairly new DJ, still learning so so much, my passion for djing stems from having the ability to share music that means something to me with others and it was really cool being able to keep the energy levels high for the runners on their important day. You can see more pics and videos from the race on my Instagram.

Merci to all the runners and to Nike for the amazing experience and vibes. Listen to the podcast from my weekend radio show ‘From Paris With Love’ on Radio Marais, The Heart of Paris below.









Photographed by Mathieu Vilasco

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