As promised I am telling you step by step about everything extensions! From the removal process to my new set with Extensions by Refresh!

I kept my first batch with Refresh in for about 5 months. They were really amazing and I only lost a few of them in the last few months. The tangle percentage was quite low as well compared to times I had extensions before. First, Pamela the amazing owner of Refresh took out my old extensions using the remover and special tool. It took about 30-45 minutes for her to take the remaining extensions out and there was little damage done to my hair. It’s hard to have regular trims and haircuts during having extensions so it’s important to do that when you remove them… also keeping your ends moisturized helps a lot with breakage.

My hair was so short and I am finally feeling comfortable with the new length I’ve reached!

After Pamela removed the extensions, she washed my hair with a paraben free special shampoo that removes all toxins from the hair. Then she dried the hair to prep it for the new hairloxxx keratin individual extensions.

The process took about 3 hours total, and after the important job of carefully inserting the extensions Pamela had to then blend the extensions to mine to make it look natural. To me this is like the most crucial step to getting extensions. If they aren’t blended right YOU WILL look like you have extensions and no one wants to look like Paris Hilton circa the 90’s. Atleast I don’t. The point is to have hair that looks like it belongs to you because after all… you did pay for it.

And Voila…. I am so happy with results. I have even been rocking it curly the last days.

You can find all details about what I did at:

extensions by refresh

And remember if you want to have your extensions or any other services done with Refresh, say my name, say my name, say my name for 10% off!

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