Le Chevalier de Paris

I haven’t posted anything in a while because I took some time off to relax and process emotions from everything that has been going on in my personal life and from the tragic events here in Paris.
Later this week I will write a post about how I did that. I did a lot of amazing self-love things, as well as spent some time at the different memorials areas for the victims to pay my respect.


In this post I really wanted to just talk about how good it feels to be alive. I know when painful things happen it’s really hard to function. For me at the same time of the Paris attacks, I had news of a lot of hard family stuff going on too. It’s been hard to get up and work again to say the least. I am also at a high transition time preparing for my trip home to america. I have to pack my flat and settle up my life here and prepare to leave for 2 months, and that isn’t easy.



I always like to think of hard moments or periods of life as dancing in the rain. It was really dark and sad here the first week after everything happened, even a little scary. But then I really chose to open my eyes and look around me. How blessed am I to have good friends and people that I love and that understand me? To do my passion for work? To live and travel in the most beautiful, heart warming cities in the world? You have to use moments like this to really be open to life and what it has to offer I think.

One of the things that helps me through hard times is music obviously. I have put some of my favorite french songs below. Also to just go for walks and take in beauty. Smile at people. Be happy.

Take care of you.


photos: Romain Pivetal
mua: Hannah Nathalie
styling/CD: yours truly

dress: @fshnbnkr
shoes: @Nike flyknit chukka in red

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