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Nike recently teamed up with Berlin based designer Johanna Schneider on a new modern luxury women’s training collection. Since I began working with Nike I have noticed one thing, that training, health, performance lifestyle and energy are the underlined bases and boost of the very successful brand. I personally have been inspired, motivated and changed by this energetic movement, pace and vibe provided. My performance and natural love for sports have been highlighted and uprooted by the amazing positive energy and motivation I feel from the brand.


When I met Johanna originally on the first preview I had of her collection during my trip to NYC in October for the Women’s Summit, I felt a great vibe from her. I also noticed as she was speaking about the collection that she kept in mind so many concerns that women naturally have. She recognized the most important aspect of any woman- we like to change and adapt. Our clothing should be no different. It’s no surprise that it had been Nike and Johanna’s intention all along to create a collection that was meant to be built upon.


The second time I crossed paths with Johanna in Berlin I could get a deeper interpretation as to why this collection was really so personal and a deep reflection of her. I had the chance to workout with Johanna and Nike Trainer Alex Hipwell her partner in crime, the workout designed by Johanna. Naturally, after feeling the rhythm and strength of the workout everything made sense and fell into place in my mind with the collection and it’s easy going modularities.

All of her pieces can be worn in many different ways. I created a few combinations of how I would choose to wear the collection. As you may already know I love to style and add fitness pieces into my fashion wardrobe as well. I lead a very active life and I often go run my errands or have lunch with a friend directly after a workout sometimes. I even wore Johanna’s leggings with a crop top and trench coat the night I DJed for A$AP Rocky’s Paris Men’s Fashion Week party. I also love how the long navy shorts pay homage to my memories of my soccer days. I really love the combination of pairing them with leggings underneath.



The most exciting and important piece of the collection however is the cape communicating with your body, the interchangeable cape can be worn up to 5 ways depending on it’s use during your workout.


Here’s a few of it’s many uses during your workout or day to day:

Can be worn normally loosely as a cape.

Can be wrapped around your body acting as a cape/scarf.

Can be dropped and tied around your waste, with the style of a flannel.

Can be tied over your shoulders like an actual cape.

Can be wrapped around or over your legs prior to starting your workout or yoga class to keep you warm.

The ties located at the small of the back can create support during your workout.


All in all, I am so happy I got to have my NIKE x JFS STUDIOS experience. This collection really answers and embodies a lot of personal concerns in fitness wear that I have and that I am sure many women have. When you feel and look your best during your workout it pushes and motivates you so much. Gros Merci to NIKE FRANCE and Johanna Scheinder for the amazing experience and more importantly inspiration.


You can shop the collection this Thursday Feb. 26 at all NIKE LAB locations.

“little drops of water, little grains of sand make the mighty ocean, and the pleasant land.
so the little moments, humble though they may be, make the mighty ages of eternity.

little deeds of kindness, little words of love, help to make the earth happy, like the heaven above.”
-Julia A. Fletcher Carney

she is the light squad

photo: simon betite @nevernot
mua: hannah nathalie makeup @hannahnathalie
hair: juanita tie & dye @santamarijuanna
creative direction: aurielle sayeh & simon betite
big thanks: nike france family & nike womens club paris

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