I don’t think that anyone is able to pretend that there hasn’t been something funky energy in the air lately. I am a quite intuitional and energy sensitive person that over the last years has been learning a lot about myself and also WHY we feel the way we do. I have a lot of friends who complain about people who complain about the retrogrades, but I think we can all admit with the last two eclipses and mercury retrograde for the next three weeks ahead of us SHIT HAS BEEN STRESSED TO SAY THE LEAST.

I’m not an astrologer by any means, but my understanding of all of this goes like this: you know when birds migrate and fly according to temperatures and climate? Humans are affected by these things too, and when the planet go backwards or are weird- of course we feel it deep without even knowing it. Should we blame all of our struggles on this? No, of course not. But these are facts.

In the last weeks, I have found myself annoyed, tired, angry and just in need of a lot of alone time. I have been working a lot on my projects which require constant communication and back and fourth and sometimes yes, even socializing. I couldn’t always rest either, but basically I decided instead of sharing my bad moods, I would stay alone when needed and also come from a loving place in all situations knowing that the people who are pissing me off probably are going through the same feelings. I just chose to replace my anger with love and take rest when I needed it.

I was reading something on a cool new age spiritual instagram that I follow the other day, and it was talking about grounding yourself. Something that highly intuitional people really have to do to preserve their energy. It basically described the feeling of being detached from your own body and just watching your life and actions from another place. It described your body being a red color, and your “self” being a blue color and the goal being to bring them two together. That’s grounding. I could really relate to that thought.

I often feel like there are two me’s. The inner me, really trying to figure it all out- I am sensitive, often very fearful and worrisome. Then there’s the ambitious, dreamer me who really goes after what I want in life. Linking those two selves together in a daily challenge. My point of all of this is sometimes we can get really caught up in our lives, our problems, our families problems and forget that the relationship with our own “self” is very important and an essential to our soul and who we are. How we can relate to others, how understanding we can be, and what we can put back into the world.

Basically right now is the time to stay present, be gentle with yourself, and be loving towards others.
If you can’t be loving, be nice and quiet! The transits that we are facing right now are all about changes. Letting things really go from the past (not saying you are but keeping them inside) but really letting them go, processing pain and taking new paths to get to the places we hope. Sometimes these growing pains are super uncomfortable, sometimes they make you face the parts of yourself that you aren’t too keen with. This is big work to do inside, but doing it will feel amazing.

As for me, I am holding myself accountable to my goals right now, letting a lot of things go, and deciding to not be angry with myself for mistakes I’ve made in the past. I am in a “graduation” phase of life, graduating to the next stages of womanhood for myself. Sometimes Growing hurts, but we never stop.

Top: Smib Worldwide
Bottoms: Marbles Vintage
Kicks: Levis x Jordan Brand
Jewelry: Them Jewelers

Photos by Esmeralda Engels

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