It’s rare that you meet a beautiful person on the outside and their insides match what you see. When I met Lucile I thought that maybe she was a mean skinny Parisienne model, and that she hated me. We got to talking and I realized she was a lot of things, but a stuck up model wasn’t one of them. She’s my collocation housemate, my DJing other-half and probably one one my closest friends in Paris.

She’s a set design student, and works part time and wakes up every morning at 6am to be at school all day long. You probably are gonna see her work in a lot of your new favorite movies. Sometimes you don’t have to make a lot noise to have a presence. Lucile is definitely a quiet force to be reckoned with.


Name, age, profession? 23, Set design student. 23, Étudiante en décors en école de cinéma.

Hometown? Paris, but born in the suburbs. Paris, Mais née en banlieue. 

What do you love most about Paris? The atmosphere of the cafes before going out on a summers night. L’atmosphère des terrasses de café à 20h, les soirs d’été, avant de sortir. 


While you are very beautiful, your career aspirations tend to be on the scale of something more intellectual, are people surprised when you tell them what you do? They are most surprised by the fact that I appear younger than my age and fragile. my weight is equal to that leaf decor that I’m supposed to move. Ils sont surtout surpris par le fait que je paraisse plus jeune que mon âge, et fragile. que mon poids est égal à celui des feuilles de décor que je suis censée déplacer.

How does this make you feel? I feel I have to prove more things yet still in a pretty macho environment. J’ai l’impression de devoir prouver plus de choses encore dans un milieu encore assez machiste.

What do you notice first outer beauty or inner beauty? Do you think they are combined? I especially notice the charisma of a person. I do not think the two are combined but the second affects the first, which is only a little help in vain if we do not use it to draw attention elsewhere. Je remarque surtout le charisme d’une personne. Je ne pense pas que les deux soient combinés mais le deuxième influe sur le premier, qui n’est qu’une aide un peu vaine si on ne s’en sert pas pour attirer l’attention ailleurs.

What is your passion in life? To try as many things as possible, never remain inert, reate real spaces for a fictional narrative, and sirens. Tenter le plus de choses possibles. ne jamais rester inerte, créer des espaces réels pour un récit fictif, et les sirènes.


We DJ together, what’s your favorite music? Jai Paul, please do make an album. Jai Paul, s’il te plait fais un album.

What is the coolest set you’ve ever designed or job you’ve had? A setting that has not yet been created: a horror movie in a hall of mirrors in an amusement park, I will also perform. Un décor qui n’a pas encore été créé : un film d’horreur dans un palais des glaces, dans un parc d’attraction, que je vais aussi réaliser.

If you could live somewhere besides for Paris, where would you live? Underwater. Sous l’eau.