I met a beautiful elderly couple the other night in Paris on the metro. They sat down in the seats across from me and directly next to me. I was running late to a dinner and feeling quite anxious. I asked them if they wanted to switch seats to be able to sit together and they politely declined.

The woman had beautiful long grey whitish hair and a polite disposition. She was smiling and the man slightly less aged than her was just sitting with deep thought across his face. A few minutes passed and I knew I had to speak to them. Something internally was urging me to say something. Paris can be quite romantic in that way at times. When you are in the correct mindset, you can easily get lost in the moment. I’m often afraid of connecting with strangers but sometimes I’m quite attracted to them as well.

I also feel like we have much to learn from people older than us. As I sat there trying to think of what to blurt out I wondered about their story, it looked genuine and long. So I started the conversation with the opening “have you lived in Paris your whole life” the woman said yes. She asked where I was from and as normal I apologized for my French or lack there of. We exchanged a few thoughts and a little back history on ourselves and I became was curious what they did for a living. I asked what her passion was. She said that THEIR passion was theater and cinema. She loves movies. They had just left the theater seeing a play.

We exchanged a few other sentiments, and she explained to me her husband had been an english teacher for a very long time- not revealing what she had done for a living. Maybe she was a wife who stayed at home watching theater. As we were getting closer and closer to their stop, a few stops before mine. We exchanged a few meaningful smiles, and the woman said she hoped to cross paths with me again in the metro. How romantic. I mean not love romantic, but life romantic. They both said their goodbyes to me wishing me well and exited the metro car.

I wonder if I will ever see them again.

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