A long time dream of mine finally came true of being able to do a campaign with one of my favorite sneakers brands. I have worked with a lot of brands over the years since becoming an influencer/blogger and it’s no surprise that I love sneakers with an OCD like passion. But as time passes, and I get older I have begun to see the effects of social media can swing fast from positive to negative. So over the last year, I have implemented a rule to myself and have been blessed enough to be able to really choose what brands I stand behind. A lot of things go into that decision, but I try to only work with brands that support my mentality creatively as well as my morale.

I have a long history with adidas originals. It was the first sneaker store I worked at in my hometown of atlanta. I quickly found sneaker culture so fascinating from that time on, because of the lines, the raffles, the colors, and the craftmanship that went into making something original. I never thought that someday things would come full circle and I’d be in the Home country of where the adidas brand was born in Germany working with some of the tastemakers for argumentatively one of the top brands in streetwear culture.

Although I’m not modeling so much anymore as a “model”, I think the terminology for model has changed so much since I started over 15 years ago, gulp. It’s more these days about being yourself and bringing yourself to the table then only being a thin, carbon copy of others. Brands look for originality. When starting my relationship with adidas after a long stint of being a Nike brand ambassador for a while I really had to ask myself if I was doing it for the right reasons, and if I believed in loyalty with the new adventure. If you are a sneaker “person” who works in the industry you know it’s not something you want to talk out loud about but you have to choose. You’re this or that. That’s a lot of pressure.
The word Original says so much to me. I have done several projects over the last 2 years with adidas, and they always just wanted me to come to the table. The fluidity of how a brand can also reflect your creative side is amazing. When wearing adidas whether for a shoot, or day to day- or working with the brand, I feel like I’m slipping myself on authentically and I feel more compelled to tell stories with a voice coming proudly out of my little body when I am wearing my tracksuits.

So Naturally when they asked me to shoot for the EQT campaign I said yes! I mean after all it’s one of my favorite models of shoes. The dad shoe I like to call it. The original EQT model just is one of those shoes that gets better over time. I’m actually embarrassed to say that I’ve washed mine in the washing machine atleast 5 times to keep them white and they air dry them in the sun. My favorite model is the Support 93. I love that shape, the “support” and the color wave of white, grey and green on the original. They are even more cozy now like the sneakers you used to keep forever as a teen. So let’s just say representing that part of the brand totally made me happy. Not to mention I got to spend a lot of time in Berlin over the summer for this project and I organically made so many friends, and was just in general inspired by so many women I met.

The entire crew for the shoot was female besides for the men doing the heavy work for set design. As a woman with her own aspirations untouched that I am working towards this really propelled me to go after more of my ambitions that I have been fearful to explore. That day was just so important to me. The second part of my duties was to go to Bread && Butter (powered by Zalando) and meet readers at the booth. I had so much fun all three days, and the adidas booth was the place to chill.

I basically made this little post because I have been working so hard this summer, through a lot of tough times. Before receiving this opportunity over the summer to not only work a bit but travel to what’s become one of my favor new cities in europe I was really having some moments of summertime sadness. If it wasn’t for one of my good friends Michelle (mentioned in my last post) giving me a pep talk about going after what I wanted more in work I probably would have never put it into the universe.
A lot of times opportunities come to me, yes. But sometimes you really do have to be a dreamer!

Thank you so much to everyone over at adidas originals, Bread && Butter, Zalando, Eye Candy Studios, and special shout out to my adidas Berlin & HQ family. I will never forget the weeks I spent this past summer in Berlin.

PC: adidas/zalando/b&&b

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