my milkshake always brought all the boys to the YARD

So if you are just now joining me on my parisienne adventures you may not know my story. 2 years ago I came on holiday for two weeks and found what I felt to be the place I belonged. Since then it’s been a crazy journey. But During my vacation I went to a party with a few of my french friends. At the time it was called “#moongang” or something like this.

Being from Atlanta, we are very judgemental when it comes to hip-hop parties and every city has it’s different feel. In LA it’s more westcoast, and in NYC it’s more eastcoast…but ATLANTA…. we have the vibe I can’t describe. My deep love for hip-hop and trap music stems from when I started going to underground parties in Atlanta at the age of 19 where everyone was dancing, and sweating the entire night in small crowded clubs to the best DJS playing their favorite songs. At times even if you wanted to go home you couldn’t leave because every song was “your song”.
Imagine my surprise coming across the world and feeling right at home at this party.


Long story short, it was my huge honor to be able to be part of the NIKE #AIRMAX95 20th anniversary last week held at the same tuesday party that I love so much – YARD SUMMER CLUB. I was actually really nervous but everything turned out great and I got to watch some of my favorite international artists and DJs perform as well!


The Nike Airmax 95 is a runner from the Airmax collection designed by Sergio Lozano using a wavy bone structural design depicting an interpretation of the human anatomy. The theme of the 20th anniversary titled “The Anatomy of Air”. The most popular pairs welcomed back being the OG “NEON” and Airmax 95 “GREEDY” allowing you to experience all the colorways in one shoe.



In addition to celebrating this amazing night, there were surprise performances by NEKFEU and SKEPTA making this birthday feel more like a music festival! It was so much fun and such good vibes. Big Merci to the YARD and Nike France Family for allowing me to be part of this special occasion!!

all photos via Lenie Titi (@hlenie on instagram) for @_oneyard

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