my moet moment at ROLAND GARROS 2015 PT 1: DAY

So I was super excited when MOET CHANDON invited me to join them as their guest for a day at Roland Garros 2015. Since I was a child tennis has been on the television in the background every weekend during the season. Actually my Father was quite jealous when I told him that I would be attending my first French Open (I hope to bring him next year since it’s right around his birthday time.)


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My biggest dilemma prior to arriving was figuring out WHAT to wear. I mean on the inside I am fancy (huh) but the outside… well those that know me know I can clean up well, but I prefer to be comfortable. SO I ended up making a concession and happy medium with myself by wearing pants and sneakers anyways.


I arrived to the beautiful VILLAGE area and was greeted quickly and brought to the Moet Chandon villa, which was decked out beautifully with friendly smiling faces. I came in the middle of Maria Sharpova’s match and was so happy to see this. She is such a pillar of strength to me.
I also got to check her out in the new Nike fits designed specially for her and the match!




We then had a delicious yummy lunch, with some tasty vintage Moet to match ofcourse… and proceeded to check out the rest of the matches in the sun. Which is quite a change for Paris. It was SUCH a beautiful day!!


I had quite the pretty woman feeling. Like the part of the movie wear she dresses up and feels really out of place, but deep down she belongs. It was an amazing day watching one of my favorite sports in the sun and meeting new people. The next part made me feel like a Princess really. We got picked up and met at Pont Alexander III and had a private boat take us on a tour on the Seine in Paris. Not a cheesy tour boat but a beautiful small MANLY LUXURIOUS BOAT (like the bentley of small boats… and if you have ever ridden in a bentley you know what I mean.) I will just let you see from my cheesy selifies below how happy I was.

While on the boat we got to taste Moet’s ICE MOET, a beautiful champagne over ice. Although I am not a big drinker, I really think this is my new favorite Champagne. It was light and so tasty… and the chill of the ice made me happy while I was in the sun on the boat.

Stay tuned for PT 2 of my #MOETMOMENT

big merci to Jessica and Diego for being my partners in crime for the day. Diego has a blog too, you should check it out!

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