When considering summer, I consider my wardrobe and finally having the gumption to step it up a little (mostly due to the weather changes). A large part of that includes what I’m gonna do with my makeup!
As I have said many times before I always believe in keeping it as natural as possible. I created 3 natural summer looks for you using NARS SUMMER COLOR COLLECTION 2016 to make it simple for you so you spend less time getting ready and more time having fun this summer!


I wanted to keep this look very natural so I decided to keep the skin very fresh. I applied my moisturizer as usual with a dash of serum and used what I needed to conceal and contour. We used the NARS DUOS DUAL INTENSITY BLUSH IN ‘LIBERATION’ as eyeshadow and blush and NARS LIP COVER IN ‘OVERHEATED’. We finished the look brushing out the brows, applying a light coat of highlighter and one coat of mascara.


I’m often wearing more sporty- boyish styles when I am not shooting content. It’s quick, easy and comfortable. However over the years, I discovered there had to be a balance so I started doing more girly make-up by adding little pops of color and a thin liner. In this look we used the NARS DUAL INTENSITY EYESHADOW IN ‘POOL SHARK’ and the NARS LIP COLOR IN ‘GET DIRTY’.

Starting with a fresh concealed natural face with a glow, we put our focus on the pop of color on the eyelids. Applying blush, mascara and highlighter. I lightly line my lips with a nude colored pencil and the apply the NARS LIP COVER IN ‘GET DIRTY’ for a natural finished but more done up look. It combines perfectly when I feel like wearing something more lowkey. When I am feeling adventurous I add liquid eye-liner with just a medium to thin line for added “girly-ness.”


Now this look has connotations just like it’s name. When I want to be sexy, but still natural and classy I have one go to move. We added a red/orange toned lip. I love the NARS LIP COVERS because they go on really smoothly and feel pretty matte after if you line a little with a same colored lip pencil before. For this case We used a red drugstore lip pencil randomly to line the lips and then applied the NARS LIP COVER IN ‘DO NOT DISTURB’. We also went for a very pink eye so we used the NARS DUOS DUAL INTENSITY BLUSH IN ‘SEXUAL CONTENT’ to create pink lids with accents of darkness blending in using the NARS DUAL INTENSITY EYE-SHADOW IN ‘TAN LINES’. I also used the blush for my cheeks and contour.

I like this look because the lips are adventurous all while remaining natural with your whole over-all look and not overdoing it. Apply highlight and mascara as normally. Brush out your brows, and apply tinted brow gel if you are going out at night and want to achieve a darker look. An alternative for this look is also adding a thin liner.

photos: @marcdrecobs
creative direction: aurielle sayeh
makeup assisting/hair: @naniishair

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