Day two started out really nice. I managed to skip going out the night before, even though I really wanted to, and catch up on sleep instead. Jet lag and I don’t get along. There comes a time when I am so tired I shut down even when I am awake. Which brings me to my next point. I’m about to get really candid for a moment. I have never considered myself fat or out of shape. I mean, I realize I am a lucky girl who eats what she wants and has mostly been the same size, except for those pesky times of the month that we all get bloated. Yuck!

Being around this energy of health and being reminded again that working out can be fun and part of your life and your life goals has been really cool. I stopped comparing myself to other girls a long time ago when I began modeling. You can’t please everyone, and being beautiful on your own terms is much more gratifying. When I was younger and first moved to LA to model, I worked out like a crazy to the point of exhausting myself, I skipped meals and ate like a bird. I looked good and booked jobs, but I wasn’t always myself.

As I have grown into a woman, life tells me to never say no to the things that I love. If I like cookies I will have one, if I want fried chicken once a month, who’s going to stop me? Not to say that I don’t love kale salads, green juices, and fruits.

I have new goals surrounding my fitness after this women’s summit, and that is to be the best I can be on my own terms. I want to run a 10k marathon in a few months, so I am training for that. I’d like to lose weight and tone up by doing light training as well. Most importantly, I want to find the right diet and do things to add energy to my body with my busy schedule.



Day two was also rainy, but we started out after breakfast by receiving a surprise gift from Nike. They took us to the Mercer NikeLab store where we were allowed to shop from the new Pedro Lourenço collection. It was so dope! I loved everything, naturally, so I chose a pink windbreaker with a hood. I can’t wait to wear it for the blog.

Afterwards we went back to Spring Studios and prepared for our model fit class. I have been wanting to take this class for a long time, actually. It’s much like a method you will hear me talk about a lot more coming up: Tracy Anderson Metamorphosis. It’s light sculpting and toning. for those of girls that don’t want crazy muscles, but just to be lean and have ballet type bodies. The class was painful but amazing.





I’m sharing these photos from the class, because I really want to share my growth with all of you as I embark on a crazy challenge for myself while I am traveling to get back in shape. I will train for my goal of accomplishing my 10k marathon under 45 minutes by May, using the Nike Running app and do light strength training, through yoga and other videos using the Nike NTC app. Participating in a fitness regimen is not only good for your body and health, it’s amazing for your mind and stress levels. When I need to escape, going for a run really clears my mind and allows me to release things.

I thank Nike women, and Nike France so much for letting me be part of this amazing experience in Nike women’s history and touching and inspiring me to get back to my natural athletic side. I am up for the challenge and ready! I challenge each and every one of you to do one thing a week that allows you to feel more confident and complete from the inside out. I look forward to sharing my journey with you.





Photographed by Darryl Richardson