Well obviously I am a very blessed girl and sometimes get to work with the dream team NIKE. This for a girl like me, is like the night before Christmas. The feeling cannot be replaced. I recently as an influencer joined NIKE LAB x NIKE WOMEN and Former Acronym Designer Johanna Schneider in Berlin to celebrate and learn about the release of their new collaboration for women. 



I recently met Johanna a few months ago at the women’s summit in New York. She was in my group and stood out to me for many reasons. We previewed her collection shortly at the summit, and after I remember hanging out with her and feeling a great energy, vibe and way about her. I was so excited to learn that the trip to Berlin would be supporting her new collection.



During the trip Johanna and I connected a bit more and I got to learn more about her. Personally, Johanna represents the Smart Woman, and the “in-between Girly/Tom Boy” who appreciates aspects of fashion and simplicity, yet loves to be active and comfortable. Her love for training also shines bright within the collection in addition to the personal discipline she seems to possess. I appreciated her humble demeanor and the fact that she decided to celebrate this period of growth in her life right where she is from and began, in her home of Berlin. We even celebrated at a club she used to work the door at many years ago when she was first starting out. This was so cool to me, because I feel staying true to your roots is an amazing attribute.


The inspiration Johanna found was based on her own personal connection to training and what it means to her. She used her own clothing expectations to build looks based upon each individual performance situation mixing in personal style and personality.


I had never been to Berlin. It was such an amazing experience. We got a chance to exclusively look at the collection, and then work out with Johanna and an amazing Nike trainer. This was my favorite part. I love the NTC workouts. We also had some down time and some very amazing dinners and a chance to get to know everyone on a personal level. We stayed at the amazing Soho House Berlin which was a dream.




For Johanna Schneider like anyone working with Nike was a dream come true. In order to make her vision come to pass she had to understand the brand and Nike’s internal process. Johanna worked side by side with Nike drawing patterns and throughout the production process down to choosing the material and using her background in the pattern work. Seeing eye to eye they used the color range of grey, navy and olive green. Johanna painted patterns by hand to go with the forms of different body shapes. Adding in elements of comfort,defined graphically clean shapes and designs that were designed to avoid distraction on the body. To her, it was important that the garment and the woman wearing it must interact.




Diversity of Women, NTC Training, Different workouts. The Movement and intergration of Diverse Women coming together through fitness.



What to Expect from Nike x JFS

A special spring and summer collection. A new season of Nike x JFS will be coming very soon in the near future…


The collection will be release Feb. 26



STAY TUNED FOR A SHE IS THE LIGHT x NIKE x JFS collaboration and in depth look at the collection in the near future…

photo galleries taken by yours truly, all other photos by Marcus Warner for NIKE

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