NikeLab x Pigalle PFW

Since before moving to Paris, I have been watching for Pigalle’s spirit and athlectic aesthetic of community, and friendship through their ever growing Paris based street and sportswear brand. After meeting Stephane Ashpool personally last year when I arrived in Paris and seeing him in his universe and environment I was better able to understand where all of his motivation and spirit came from and very much like what drives me it comes from where he is from.




This is my second PFW attending the Pigalle festivities and each time I love the collection more and more. Thanks to NikeLab I woke up to my very own pair of the NikeLab x Pigalle Dunk Lux
which I was so excited about I couldn’t wait to wear.


We started the night off viewing the new Pigalle Dupree Court and the collection. The theme as always a schoolyard basketball setting. I love this vibe because it takes the serious pressure off of the sometimes stuffy PFW scene. There was a school band playing contemporary hip hop tunes and many interactive videos behind the models showcasing the collection.

later we moved inside the HIGHSCHOOL (yes, it was held in a highschool-so cool) for drinks and the Pigalle SS16 PFW presentation. There was such a family vibe with the Nike family and the Pigalle family mixed together. It felt like hanging out at a BBQ with your friends or family.

The presentation started out with a project showing of Pigalle’s short film ensemble following the young parisian basketball team that Ashpool coaches. In the short film you get to see the spirit of the boys and really see their personality. It also showcases their strength as a team and the importance of having something meaningful in your life even at a young age. In the shortfilm Ashpool expresses the need to guide these young men into becoming great men and through basketball this is achievable. After the completion of the film, we are arrived by familiar faces as the presentation starts featuring the young men from the basketball team. For me- Ashpool has always reminded me of a real life parisian Wes Anderson film with his use of colors, imagination and characters. The collection takes you away to another setting such as a tropical beach town or just the mind of really someone interesting. I am really excited for the bomber jackets in the collection! All in all it was an amazing night filled with good vibes!



Merci Nike France et Pigalle pour la invite!

You can see the night for yourself here via Purple Fr:

Pigalle – ENSEMBLE – S/S 2016 from PIGALLE PARIS on Vimeo.

photo credits:
aurielle sayeh
Say Who Fr

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