As an ambassador for NARS I recently was invited to discover what would become my most favorite NARS collection yet, the NARS x Sarah Moon collaboration. Ofcourse I was mystified by Sarah Moon’s photography and the fleetwood mac-esque vibe the collection was taking me to. When creating content for this post I had to really sit down with myself and think of what Sarah’s women (in her photos) meant to me, and how it could be applied to me as a woman wearing the makeup.

I got taken back in time by one of my very first musical inspirations, Miss Sade Adu. Through her words and raspy yet soulful voice I knew what it was like to be in love and feel pain through love, all before I had been old enough to have traveled through heartache. These same emotions were brought to me looking at how Sarah Moon pictured women. They were strong, beautiful, but there was something behind the beauty- pain, love, maybe a mixture of both. I specifically remember my father playing her songs for me through He and My Mother’s divorce. These are times in my life that I will never forget.
All in all this was a really very exciting post to make, and create. Below I will be sharing how I created the look you see and how I wear the NARS x Sarah Moon Collection (Available at Sephora)


I decided to begin with a really fresh look but still adding the SM drama of dark, smoky eyes and a red lip. Freckles skipped a generation after dissapearing in my adolesence but I wanted to include some artificial freckles in the look too. It’s a great way to naturally have fun with makeup! All of the looks you see can also be builded on. By adding highlighter, contour, or changing your lips a bit.


Here’s what you’ll need:

NARS x Sarah Moon Rouge Indiscret Moon Matte Lipstick
NARS x Sarah Moon Impudique Blush
Nars x Sarah Moon Indes Galantes Eyeshadow (Grey Indigo Irise/Prune)
Nars x Sarah Moon Numero 9 Eyelashes
Nars x Sarah Moon Look Closer Eyeshadow Palette

You can shop the whole range here.

On this shoot I meticulously planned a look we could build upon that I would be able to wear from day to night. I very much love natural makeup so I had to stay within that box. You can wear a lot of makeup and still look natural! It’s so much fun to enhance what you already have. We started with a fresh face, and fresh skin evening out blemishes and so fourth. Using the NSM Look Closer Eyeshadow Palette we made an eyeshadow base using the warmer tones in the collection (the browns and beige). After that we blended a more smoky reddish color in using the NSM Indes Galantes Eyeshadow in Prune and Grey Indigo, this added a lot of drama without lining the eyes too much.


For contouring and highlighting the new NARS SCULPTING MULTIPLE DUO AGENT DOUBLE works wonders, and on the shoot we even used the new NARS Eyeshadow color in Rigel as a wonderful highlighter, I’m obsessed with this!

To complete the eyes, we circled around the brush below the eyelids and corners using more of the brown tones of the collection making sure to blend! After adding the NSM Numero 9 Eyelashes to finish the dramatic, yet subtle and beautifully natural look.

For the brows we used the new NARS Brow Defining Cream (now available at Sephora) in the second to darkest brown tone. A little secret tip: that’s how we created my freckles for the shoot as well! Using a really fine pointed brush and all 4 tones of the creams we made really natural looking freckles, a look I am sure to repeat over and over! You can set your “freckles” with a little translucent powder and beauty blender.

For the Lips, We used two different products which comes back full circle to my point of “adding”. In the first few photos above we used the beautiful NARS x Sarah Moon Rouge Indiscret Moon Matte Lipstick. Later adding on to look creating a more mild glossy red using the New NARS Velvet Lip Glide in Mineshaft ( I will talk all about these beauties in my next post!)


MUA: Fien Louise
Photography: Marion Lietout
Production Assistant Intern: Jeanne Laval
Creative Direction & Styling: Aurielle Sayeh
Wardrobe/Accessories: Marbles Vintage

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