Oh I think that I found myself a Cheerleader

As the sunny days have become more permanent and I myself have been crawling out of my shell, I am preparing for the countdown to my 30th birthday and what I hope to be the best summer yet.


Last week I got to spend the day with the new puppy mascot at Starcow Paris JELLY with my friends from the shop. I love passing the afternoon there because it’s so much fun and everybody is so nice. There’s also really great music always playing. Rue Saint Honore reminds me so much of LA and Fairfax because when I used to model for the hundreds I would do the same and just go see the guys working there and hang out and spend the sunny day there outside.



For those of you that don’t know me personally- I am a dog freak. 100% dog lover. I fall in love with other peoples dogs. I like to think I am a bit of a dog whispherer because I just know there’s so much comfort and love exchanged from a moment with a puppy. For many years now, I have been a shelter volunteer and foster mom for different shelters in brooklyn and LA. I guess it’s my mission to make people aware that there are many amazing dogs that need to be adopted, cared for and rescued before we go out and buy the first cute petstore puppy we see. As a matter of fact I am really against pet stores and the way they treat animals. Anyways- I will not go on a tangent but I used to foster dogs in between homes and also take the dogs stuck at the shelter out for long walks and park visits. These dogs have so much love to give and as a human we sometimes need to feel that unconditional love as well.


For the moment due to my schedule and lifestyle I cannot have my own puppy, but I revel in the moments I get to spend time with other peoples or friends dogs! I would love to look into volunteering here in Paris as well. Remember to RESCUE and adopt from your local shelters not to buy!!



outfit: nike via starcow paris
shoes: nike via nike france
photos: Simon Betite

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