Paris, Tu Me Manques Pt. 1

I’ve been on my “holiday” (if that’s what you want to call it) in the states for a month now. I am so thankful and grateful for my time with my family, but geez have I been thinking about Paris & Europe a lot lately. Before I left, I was lucky enough to get to discover probably what is now one of my new favorite places Le Pigalle Paris located directly in my favorite neighborhood in Paris, Pigalle.

A beautifully modern restored hotel located in the center of Pigalle, has tapped into all the best talent young & old in Paris to create a place for young artists to stay and hang out in while visiting or residing in Paris.


I’ll share a little more about my journey at Le Pigalle with you in my PT. 2 post, but first here is a little interview I did with photographer Marion Lietout of By the Poolside on my last night in Paris when I stayed at Le Pigalle. I will say this was quite a hectic day. For those you have just checked in my blog, being an american overseas is no easy task especially when your french isn’t up to par. On this particular day, I woke up at the crack of dawn after finishing a late night shoot with my team and was on a mission of moving out of my apartment and finding a storage space with my makeup artist and friend, Hannah Nathalie
…. I will just say it took us all day and we arrived looking the part when checking into the hotel. I actually ran into a nice girl of the hotel in the lobby who was from NYC, and recognized me. She said she followed me and read the blog. I literally had no makeup on, hadn’t taken a shower, had a hoodie on and was a defeated mess. Still, it made me feel good that she met me at my realest moment and still had nice things to say.


I feel like I am always sharing things about myself here, but never from someone else’s point of view and I loved Marion’s questions so here we go!


ML: What’s your job?

AS: I always love this questions because it’s really hard for someone like me to answer. For the moment now, I would say I am a DJ, Radio Host, and a Creative Branding Influencer. I also am in the midst of creating my own start-ups on some very exciting projects and businesses.


ML: Favorite place on earth?

AS: Well I have been a lot of places, amazing places. For the moment it’s tied between the beach or hiking in California and Amsterdam on a cozy fall day.

ML: Can’t live without..?

AS: I can’t live without lipgloss and my cell phone. Typical cute answers, but on the real, I’d say I can’t live without my family.


ML: Not everyone knows that..?

AS: Not everyone knows that behind closed doors many people you see leading what you may think to be fun, amazing exciting lives can be hurting inside as well and have very complicated private home lives. That’s all I will say to consider.

ML: Dream shoot location?


ML:Food favorites?

AS: Mexican and Thai. I love sushi too.

ML: What’s the differences have you noticed between an american girl and a french girl?

AS: Well I am not full american even though I was born in america, but I can would like to tackle this question from a positive standpoint and opposing standpoint. In america I think it’s not a very uncommon thing for girls to be a bit shallow, our culture is one in my opinion of greed. We are also given really terrible examples of what beauty provides for you in the mainstream world… So I would say the TYPICAL american girl is confused and complicated. I have even in my younger years struggled with becoming that person. I would say french girls are more natural, studious and simple… but I have also seen my share of french girls that can be quite judgemental towards one another and a bit catty. I think if you ask me women are women…

ML:Fashion Icon?

AS: I would have to say SADE, and Kate Moss.

ML:Bad Habit?

AS: Drinking too much coffee, and worrying too much.


ML:New exciting project?

AS: Tackling starting my own businesses, and I have a project coming up with Eastpack that I am very excited about.

ML:Favorite song of 2015?

AS: It’s not hotline bling.

ML:Basic fashion piece everyone should own?

AS: Black jeans, Black boots, or sneakers, and a Black leather jacket.

In my next post, I will share all my highlights of staying at Le Pigalle and all the highlights the hotel has to offer.

sweater: FshnBnkr

slacks: FshnBnkr

muah: Hannah Nathalie

photos: Marion Lietout

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