What up beautiful people of the world! You may be wondering why I haven’t been updating the blog as much, and well that’s all about to change. I have been working on my rebranding because as any creative person knows sometimes things get stale and you have to liven them up and press the refresh button. With that said, I just turned 31 a few days ago and have been all about new beginnings. I think a lot of times we know that habits in our lives that are no longer serving us but changing them and really making a difference takes some effort. So I’m making the effort in all areas of my life including the blog!

About two weeks ago, I traveled to Paris for Men’s Paris Fashion week, one I prefer over womens. Guys are cooler, more laid back, and it’s not considered a fashion faux pax to wear sneakers to a show. I also love the streetwear aspect that the week brings to the city often merging music and fashion.

When I arrived I had some work to do at the radio station (Rinse France). I decided like in the past it would be interesting to have some of my designer friends on the show and hear about their new collections. Since I have just relocated to Amsterdam I naturally chose some new local brands that I just discovered. You can check out the shows here and discover a little about their new collections and the brands:

Paul Zeper from Amsterdam based brand Dezeep

Huzane Suleiman from Daily Paper

I also had the chance to check out a few shows and presentations (which I will cover in my next post). I was happily surprised to see so many unisex styles and the use of female models in shows this time as well. I always love men’s fashion week because it gives me a chance to catch up with a lot of my american friends in town (and friends from neighboring european cities). There’s a different vibe in Paris throughout this week, more like New York- you can see anyone on the street and catch up with friends you haven’t seen in years. Since I am recently removed from Paris I am always looking for opportunities to rediscover the city in new ways. It’s really such a beautiful, romantic, magical city when you’re in the right mindset.

I caught up with photographer and friend Marion Lietout in between meetings and presentations and we walked around the marais to take some photos. I had to bring a lot of stuff for the week honestly, and I am still moving my closet to Amsterdam so ofcourse had to take some things back with me. Lately, I have been in and out of growing into a more womanly style while keeping my sneakers on ofcourse. I think it’s really fun to play on both sides. Tom boy and Va-Va-Voom. I guess that’s my motive for this next year.

Keep an out for my next posts this week covering the shows I attended and how I stay in shape during these busy moments and all about the 10k I ran the morning after the crazy Filling Pieces fashion week party! Bisous & Happy Hump Day!

outfit: @fshnbnkr @thefifthlabel
shoes: @adidas
choker: @chokeonitNL

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